The Citizen - Page 58

P a g e | 58 And thinking about your oldest (only) child, do they attend public or private school? Or is your child homeschooled? Attends public school 89.8% Attends private school 8.1% Is homeschooled 1.9% DON’T KNOW 0.2% REFUSED 0% There are many ways in which post-high school education is paid for. Thinking about your child’s education, in what ways do you plan to pay for education after high school? (Select all that apply) You or your child’s personal 56.6% savings Federal student loans 60.6% Private student loans 77.8% Athletic scholarship 75% If you had to rate the quality of education that your Academic scholarship 49.7% oldest (only) child is receiving, would you say it is… Excellent 38.2% Other family member’s 80.3% Good 43% contributions Fair 15.5% Other: 81.4% Poor 2.5% Others mentioned: 529 plan; A state 529 plan; All of the DON’T KNOW 0.9% above; Anywhere I can get the money; Cash; REFUSED 0% Combination of loans and savings; Competition Scholarships; Competition Scholarships; Federal study; Thinking about your child’s personal safety at school. Do Going into military; Grants; Have a IRA for their college; you think your child is very safe at school, somewhat Memorial Medical Center will pay all loans, enrolled RN safe, not too safe, or not at all safe? program; Military; Military- GI Bill; Mixture of Very safe 57.6% scholarships; Out of pocket or military; Pay for credits Somewhat safe 41.8% for college; Savings and scholarships; Scholarship and Not too safe 0.5% out of pocket; Using home equity loan or something like Not at all safe 0% that; VA is paying; and working for university to get DON’T KNOW 0% tuition benefit REFUSED 0% We know that today’s lives are really busy and parents do not have a lot of time to help their children with their school work or with other educational activities. Thinking about the past month, how often, if at all, have you helped your child(ren) with school work or other educational activities? Would you say that you have done this five or more times a week, between 3 and 4 times a week, once or twice a week, less than once a week, or have you not done this at all? Five or more time a week 30.7% Three or four times a week 35.1% Once or twice a week 20.1% Less than once a week 4.8% Never 9.4% DON’T KNOW 0% REFUSED 0% Moving on to your oldest (only) child’s education plans, if any, post-high school. Do you plan on your child pursuing additional education after high school? Yes 94% No 6% DON’T KNOW 0% REFUSED 0%