The Citizen - Page 56

P a g e | 56 And thinking about these early childhood educational programs. How important, if at all, would you say that it is for all families, regardless of income, be able to obtain these types of educational programs? Would you say that it is… Very important 76% Somewhat important 15.7% Neither important nor 1.2% unimportant Not very important 2.8% Not important at all 1.8% DON’T KNOW 1.9% REFUSED 0.6% And thinking about children from lower income families. Whose responsibility, if anybody’s, is it to provide these types of educational programs for children ages 5 and younger? Your school district’s 21.3% role in it using taxes; Family and then community; Feel the answer is all of these; Government (Washington); Government; Including individual families; Individual families; Or any charitable organization; She believes all of the above; Should be the federal government; State of Illinois; The board of education; The government and state; The state of Illinois should support these types of programs. Thinking about your own personal involvement in your local school or local school district. Would you say that you are very involved, somewhat involved, not very involved, or not at all involved? Very involved 10.6% Somewhat involved 30.5% Not very involved 18.1% Not at all involved 38.5% DON’T KNOW 1.5% 0.8% A charitable non-religious organization’s responsibility Religious organizations’ 2.1% REFUSED 0.3% The entire community’s 38.3% Or is the responsibility of individual families DON’T KNOW 32.2% Now on to some broader questions about education policies. Do you think bullying prevention should be part of your local school’s curriculum? This includes physical and cyber-bullying? YES 89.2% 4.8% 1% Now thinking about K-12 education. There are a lot of programs that help students currently enrolled in traditional K-12 education. These programs include before and after-school care, tutoring, and other educational assistance occurring outside of classroom instruction. Your school district’s 35.4% NO 7.8% DON’T KNOW 1.9% REFUSED REFUSED 1.1% As you may know, charter schools are schools that operate under a charter or contract that frees them from many of the state regulations imposed on public schools and permits them to operate independently. 1.7% In general, do you favor or oppose the idea of charter schools? Favor 63.4% 0.5% Oppose 19.5% The entire community’s 37% DON’T KNOW 16.2% Or is the responsibility of individual families Other 18.7% REFUSED 2.6% DON’T KNOW 2.9% REFUSED 1.2% And do you favor or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a private school to attend at the public's expense? Favor 25.7% A charitable non-religious organization’s responsibility Religious organizations’ Others mentioned: All of the above for the past two questions; All of the above.; All of the above need to work together.; Also the family as well.; And school districts; And the responsibility of individual families; Everybody in the state, the government has to take a 1% Oppose 67.4% DON’T KNOW 6.4% REFUSED 0.5%