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P a g e | 55 Education We would like to hear your views on education in Sangamon County. This includes pre-K education, K-12 education, and post-high school education. Starting off, what school district do you currently live in? A-C CENTRAL 0.6% ATHENS #213 1.2% AUBURN #10 2.9% CHATHAM #5 11.4% EDINBURG #14 0% MT. PULASKI #23 0% NEW BERLIN #16 3.1% PAWNEE #11 1.8% PLEASANT PLAINS #8 5% PORTA #202 0% RIVERTON #14 2.4% ROCHESTER #3A 4.9% SANGAMON VALLEY #9 1% SPRINGFIELD DISTRICT 186 52.3% TRI-CITY #1 1.2% VIRDEN #4 0% WAVERLY #6 0% WILLIAMSVILLE #15 4.8% OTHER 2.7% DON’T KNOW 4.3% REFUSED 0.5% Others mentioned: #27; District #12; District 16; District 193; Macoupin co schools we live on the line in Sangamon County Thinking about your local school district, what is the biggest change needed, if any, in order to improve K-12 education? Is it? Improved leadership and 7.5% administration Better quality teachers 8.4% Increased funding to schools 28.1% Smaller cl ass sizes 10.6% Improved technology and 5.8% resources Improved or newer buildings 3.2% Improved curriculum 7.1% Improved safety 2.3% Increased diversity in schools 3.3% Something else 11.1% DON’T KNOW 11.4% REFUSED 1.3% And if local leaders chose to increase taxes to support local public schools, which of the following would you be most likely to support? An increase in property taxes or an increase in local sales taxes to support these improvements? Or would you not support any tax increase? Increase property taxes 21.1% Increase local sales taxes 37.1% Not support any tax increase 37.6% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 3.3% 0.9% How much confidence would you say that you have in your local school board to effectively address problems in your local schools? Would you say that you are… Very confident 13.8% Somewhat confident 49.8% Not very confident 16.8% Not at all confident 5.6% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 12.8% 1.3% Now thinking about early childhood education programs in Sangamon County. How important, if at all, are educational programs for children two years old or younger, to the local community? Would you say that they are… Very important 51.2% Somewhat important 21.6% Neither important nor 3% unimportant Not very important 13.6% Not important at all 7.5% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 2.5% 0.6% What about educational programs for children three to five year olds? Would you say that they are… Very important 72.1% Somewhat important 18.8% Neither important nor 0.6% unimportant Not very important 3.6% Not important at all 1.8% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 2.4% 0.6%