The Citizen - Page 52

P a g e | 52 I am going to read you a list of activities you may have done in the past 12 months. Please just say yes or no, if in the past 12 months, you have done any of the following? Wrote a letter to the editor of 3.7% a local newspaper Expressed your opinion about 34.5% an issue online Discussed politics with family 84.4% or friends Donated money to a 72.7% charitable or religious organization Volunteered through or for a 13.5% charitable or religious organization Worked with other people in 10% your neighborhood to fix a problem or improve a condition in your community or elsewhere Contributed money to a 4.3% political party or candidate Worked for a political party or 2% candidate Participated in an adults 6.8% sports or recreation team Participated in a 8.2% neighborhood, school, or community association Or have you not done any of 1.6% the things mentioned Thinking about Sangamon County’s most disadvantaged members of the community. Who do you think is responsible for taking care of these individuals? Is it the responsibility of… local government charity or church group entire community (ALL OF US) or, individuals themselves DON’T KNOW REFUSED 15.1% 5.1% 46.3% 25.4% 6.3% 1.7% Do you have a charitable component of your will or estate plan? YES 18.6% NO 77.8% DON’T KNOW 2% REFUSED 1.6%