The Citizen - Page 50

P a g e | 50 During a normal work week, what form of transportation do you use to get to work? Select all that apply Car Bus Walk Bike Other, SPECIFY BELOW DON’T KNOW REFUSED Others mentioned: Taxi and Truck 92.1% 0.8% 3.6% 1.7% 1.2% 0% 0.5% And if local leaders chose to increase taxes to support alternative transportation here in Sangamon County (such as bike paths, buses, and trains). Would you support an increase in property taxes or an increase in local sales taxes to support these improvements? Or would you not support any tax increase? Increase property taxes 9% Increase local sales taxes 28.5% Not support any tax increase 59.6% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 2.6% 0.3% In the past year, when traveling out of town, which of the following modes of transportation have you used? Select all that apply Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Amtrak An intercity bus like Greyhound Or none of the above DON’T KNOW REFUSED 21.5% 27.5% 2% 59% 0.5% 0% Recently local leaders have been discussing the possibility of creating a citizen advisory board (an independent board of users and citizen/owners) who can focus on the challenges facing City, Water, Light, and Power (CWLP). Do you support or oppose the creation of a citizen advisory board for CWLP? Support 75% Oppose 13% DON’T KNOW 11.4% REFUSED 0.6% And now we are interested in learning how often, if at all, you use the Springfield Mass Transit District bus system. Thinking about a normal month, do you use it almost every day, once or twice a week, once or twice a month, less often than once a month, or never? Almost every day Once or twice a week Once or twice a month Less often than once a month Never DON’T KNOW REFUSED 1.4% 3.6% 3.2% 6.2% 85.1% 0.4% 0.1%