The Citizen - Page 49

P a g e | 49 Infrastructure Now thinking about local infrastructure in Sangamon County. How safe or unsafe do you feel it is to travel on local roads and highways? Would you say it is… Very safe 15.7% Safe 46.5% Neutral 25.3% Unsafe 10.6% Very unsafe 1.6% DON’T KNOW 0.3% REFUSED 0.1% And thinking about local infrastructure improvement projects. Do you think your local area needs the following a little, a lot, or not at all? Bike friendly lanes on local roads A lot A little Not at all DON’T KNOW REFUSED 40.4% 34.9% 22.2% 2.3% 0.2% Improvement of bike and pedestrian trails A lot 33.2% A little 37% Not at all 21.8% DON’T KNOW 8% REFUSED 0.1% Expansion of high-speed Internet access in your area (FASTER ACCESS AND CABLE INTERNET ACCESS) A lot 42.9% A little 27% Not at all 25.2% DON’T KNOW 4.8% REFUSED 0.1% Improvements to local bus services A lot A little Not at all DON’T KNOW REFUSED 26.5% 26.1% 28.3% 18.7% 0.4% And if local leaders chose to pay for new roads, road upgrades, and other transportation improvements, would you support an increase in property taxes or an increase in local sales taxes to support these improvements? Or would you not support any tax increase? Increase property taxes 12.3% Increase local sales taxes 36 % Not support any tax increase 47.1% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 4.2% 0.4% For several years, local leaders have discussed the need for a second source of water in Sangamon County, also referred to as Hunter Lake or Lake 2. Do you think it is a high priority, a medium priority, a low priority, or not a priority at all? A high priority 20.9% A medium priority 40.5% A low priority 20.2% Not a priority at all 12.1% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 6.2% 0.1% How important, if at all, do you think growing downtown Springfield is to Sangamon County? Is it very important, somewhat important, not very important, or not important at all? Very important 47.3% Somewhat important 38.9% Not very important 8.9% Not important at all 3.9% DON’T KNOW REFUSED 0.1% 1% Do you commute to work? YES NO DON’T KNOW REFUSED 53.9% 45.4% 0.1% 0.6%