The Citizen - Page 47

P a g e | 47 What is your marital status? Are you… Single Divorced Married Separated In a civil union or have a domestic partner Widowed Other, specify DON’T KNOW REFUSED Others mentioned: Engaged 29.2% 8.3% 51.4% 1.9% 2.5% 3.6% 0.3% 0.1% 2.7% How often, if at all, do you attend religious services? Do you attend them… More than once a week 9% Once a week 22.8% One to three times a week 14.6% At least twice a week 17.1% Less often than twice a year 9.2% Never 25.5% DON’T KNOW 0.2% REFUSED 1.6% Were you born in Sangamon County? Yes 49.6% No 49.2% DON’T KNOW 0.2% REFUSED 1% In the past twelve months, have you considered moving out or away from Sangamon County? Yes 35.4% No 63.1% DON’T KNOW 0.5% REFUSED 1% What was your household’s income last year before taxes? (IMPUTED INCOME) Less than $15,000 a year 8.9% $15,000-$30,000 17.5% $30,001-$45,000 12.9% $45,001-$60,000 13.2% $60,001-$75,000 11.5% $75,001-$100,000 13.9% More than $100,000 a year 18.1% DON’T KNOW 3.9% We know that individuals get their news from a variety of sources. We are interested in finding out where you get most of your news? Do you get it from… Local or national television 47.9% Local or national talk radio 6.3% programs National public radio or 3.8% affiliate Facebook or other social 10.1% media site Local or national newspaper 10.6% Other internet site 12.3% Other source of news, specify 6.4% DON’T KNOW 0.9% REFUSED 1.7% Others mentioned: A combination; A combination of local news sources; All above; All of them; And internet; And local tv; And NBC; And newspaper; And the internet; And TV; Both television and newspaper; Combination of television, radio, and the paper; International media; Internet; Internet sites; Local and national paper and radio; Local national papers and internet; Local newspaper and social media; Local newspaper, radio station, tv; Local newspaper; Local newspaper, local/ national television; Local or national internet sites; Local or national newspaper; Local television and newspaper, SJR.; Mostly all of these areas; National news; national radio and news websites; network news; news source from my wife; Newspaper and tv; Newspaper on line, internet; No news; NPR; Or local news, internet sites; People; Radio; Radio and television; Radio, internet, newspaper; Radio, Television, and newspaper; Radio, tv, and they get 3 newspapers; Read Illinois times; Several sources; Talk shows , fb , internet , don't watch our any local news due to being one sided; Talking with other people; Television, local or national talk radio, local newspaper; Then newspaper; TV and Facebook; TV, newspaper and the radio; TV, radio, local newspaper, social media; TV radio, Internet; and WAND in Decatur, NCR radio