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P a g e | 40 Social Well-Being Sangamon County residents rate the county less positively in the 2015 survey compared to the 2013 Sangamon County Citizen Survey. The percentage of residents who think Sangamon County is an “excellent” place to live, raise children, work, and retire has decreased while the percentage who rate it is a “poor” place to work, live, and retire has increased (see figure below). In addition, Sangamon County residents were asked whether they thought things in Sangamon County are generally on the right track or if things are going in the wrong direction. The 2015 survey found a smaller percentage of individuals who report that things are on the right track. In 2015, 53 percent report that things are on the right track, which is a decrease from 60 percent in 2013. However, there is also a decrease in the percent of individuals who report that things are headed in the wrong direction. In 2013, 31 percent of Sangamon County residents reported that things were headed in the wrong direction. In 2015, this decreases to 28 percent (with more individuals reporting that they “did not know” or were “unsure.”) This results in a net favorable/unfavorable change from +29 in 2013 to +25 in 2015, which indicates that overall ratings in 2015 are still favorable, yet not as favorable as they were in 2013. When asked about their immediate area as a place to live, 16% report that it is getting better, 16% report that it is getting worse, and 66% report that it is staying the same. These results are consistent with the 2013 survey. Interestingly, in the 2015 survey, there are no significant differences among demographic groups which were present in the 2013 survey. Place to live Place to raise children Place to work Place to retire Ratings of Sangamon County... 23% Poor Excellent 6% 10% 7% Poor Excellent 27% 11% 10% 13% 5% 4% Poor Excellent 19% 13% 3% Poor 5% Excellent 16% 11% 0% 5% 2013 survey 10% 15% 20% 2015 survey 25% 30%