The Citizen - Page 4

Page |4 Executive Summary Policy support varies. The 2015 Sangamon County Citizen Survey includes several policy questions on a variety of issues. Some of the key findings are listed below. Citizens are more likely to support an initiative if it uses the term “combine” rather than “consolidate.” Support consolidation Support combining Local waste Local management government services services 33% 45% 43% 51% Three-fourths of Sangamon County residents support the possibility of creating a citizen advisory board (an independent board of users and citizen/owners) who can focus on the challenges facing City, Water, Light, and Power (CWLP). Most residents would not support a tax increase (neither property nor sales) to support local infrastructure or alternative transportation in Sangamon County. However, attitudes are mixed towards supporting local schools. When asked if residents would support an increase in property taxes, increase in local sales taxes, or not support any tax increase to support local schools, 22 percent support an increase in property taxes, 39 percent support an increase in local sales taxes, and 39 percent do not support any tax increases. This is consistent with 28 percent who report that the biggest change they would like