The Charbonneau Villager Newspaper 2018 April Villager - Page 24

Page 24 April 2018 CGCI News The delivery of water is a cap- Charbonneau Golf Club, Inc. ital-intensive business and often Did you know Charbonneau has its Own Irrigation Water Company? Since the beginning days of Charbonneau in the 70s, the Char- bonneau Golf Course, Inc. (CGCI) has provided irrigation water to homeowners and businesses with- in the French Prairie loop - essen- tially at no cost. As finances got tougher and the irrigation system became dated, the CGCI Board of Directors determined something needed to change in order to con- tinue to provide reliable irriga- tion water. As a result, in 2008, the Charbonneau Water Company (CWC) was formed as a separate subsidiary of CGCI and became subject to Oregon Public Utilities Commission (OPUC) rate regula- tion at that time. CWC is responsible for the de- livery of irrigation water to 14 ho- meowners association customers, including Charbonneau Country Club and the Charbonneau Golf Course at rates approved by the OPUC. CWC’s current weighted average rate for HOAs for last year was about $2.75/unit includ- ing fixed charges. To give you a comparison, City of Wilsonville residential rates for summer irrigation are more than double that amount at $5.76 per unit. CWC’s current rates have been in effect since 2008. requires large expenditures to maintain and upgrade systems. Because CWC has generally been profitable and there had been no large, unforeseen expenditures prior to last year, we were able to accumulate cash reserves of more than $200,000 to address some of the irrigation distribution system needs. A little over a year ago, CWC made its first major expenditure from its reserves and installed a new control panel at a cost of around $80,000. This is the “brains” of CWC’s distribution system as it controls multiple pumps and balances pressure in our main distribution lines. The prior control panel was old, out- dated and had been subject to fail- ure when power surges occur. While W"&VfW&V6R2FW6P66&W6W'fW2f"77FV&fRЦVG2ƖRFR6G&V&RЧ6VVB&W6W'fW26&FV7@W2g&W72&fF&RV'2@FW"( Vf&W6VV67W'&V6W2( Хv^( fRB6WfW&VWV7BЦVBWVFGW&W2FR7B F2vR6WGFVBF77VPvF6626VG&W&V@RfvR6V7F"BW vV6FRB&VfVBB7F&ЦƗVBG6ƖFR&VFB&6V@FR66W72&BFW"&fW"VFRWFf"FW6R&V7G2v0W6W72bC#S&Vr7V&V7BFT2&VwVЧF22vFW"6'&w0G2v6VvW2B&W7G&2ЧF2FVW2&WGFW"VFW"Ч7FBW"7W'&VB6F5t0FRvFW"f"FW6R7&W'26W2g&FR6&&VRvFW 6v62vVB'FR6&&VRvb6V"2আ&VB&VwVF'67VFBF0V"F&WfWrW"fW&ЦW&FB&fFRW26vBআrvR6VB&6VVB&GFЦƖRFR67VFN( 2&V6VЦFFv2FFW"7W"Ч&VB6W'6RbWw&FrW"Цg&7G'V7GW&RBvBf"vPFFWFW&֖Rb&FRfƖr2V2ЦW76'b5t2vW&RFfRvFFRT2F6vR&FW2FW&PvVB&RBV7BV.( 2F6PF7W7FW'26WfW&6F&V7G2&P66VGVVBF2V"F6FVPW"fW7FVBFR5t2Цg&7G'V7GW&R6RbFW6RvB&Rf6&R2FW&VFRFv&FRFRVFW&w&V@fVG2Br6WR`FW"&V7G2RƖVǒvЧF6R6VFRFR67G'V7Fb6fWG6V7W&GfV6R&VBFPVV7G&6&W2B6G&V6FVBWBFFR'&vЧFBBfVFBFPvW7BVBbFR'&vFBF7&V6RvFW"6&7VЧFvR6&R66FW&p&V'VFrFRvW7BBFP7G'V7GW&RFR'&vFBF2fFB&V7B&RWFVBF6VFR&FFPV7BBvW7BFR77FV2@vVW&6VrB&VƖr`FBBbvR66RFFFPWFVB&V7BvRvƖVǐfRF&'&rgVG2F6WFPF2&V7B2W"7W'&VB&W6W'fPgVG2vVBB&R7Vff6VBF6fW"FBWVFGW&R5t07W'&VFǒ2FV'B'WBW"&VrЧVF'67VFB27VvvW7FV@FW&R&RGfFvRFbЦr6RFV'BFR&2g&Ц&VwVF'7FGBf6BFR6&&VP( 7V&'^( Ɩ'&'6FVBFR6&&VR6VG'6V"6V&W6RBFP&6bFRVWFr&WBFFR442ff6W2&fpW"7B'FB&b2W'0S2C#"sC06&&VR&fVBƖfWFRvF"&6FV7GW&6vPV&W'2cvR&V76RW"B7B6vW2@vW2Ɨ7@$$ VWFVW@bFf0g&VPW7FFW06W'FFVVB&W6FVF6VV7B6vT7FW"6W'FfV@f6pf&P&b&W'2b6VrW"7V6G6wFF&fp6G&7F'226V F66VG0S2#SӃpwwr6wFF&fr6ФƖ6V6VBb&FVB( 244"3sc 6W'frFR'FBWG&&V66RP6V6W@W"&V6V@7FFb&R6VWFrvF6GǗv@7V6Ɨp6VF 6PFV"fcW7FFW2v2g&VR( "f6rf&PvV26&rDvF DU.(J"b *cN( 3#tW6rvV0GW&F"DR6W'FFVV@&b6&p77FVBvF"3#35rRvF7&W7BG&fP&W6FVFD&W6FVF6RF&DF&6vW2&frFV6SwWGFW"6VrB72&Vf&b&W'36VF""66FW"vV'6FSwwr&fr6"Rv'6&T6ФƖ6V6VB&FVBԖ7W&VB66"2c#r267G'V7F26RBV&2FFVB'6&&VR&W6FVG26V6WB77FV6ǒfB&2PvBF&VBBFRFVRvFR'&r&6W"&2vVf6VB"FFPWrW2vR6fSvW2w6pWW2VF&2BfW2VvVWfW"FR6&&VR6V&W6R2Vwwr6&&VV6VG'6V"6