The Charbonneau Villager Newspaper 2018 April Villager - Page 12

Page 12 April 2018 I-5 Mitigation Alternatives Presented to Charbonneau Residents in March The City of Wilsonville is held a meeting in Charbonneau in March to discuss southbound I-5 traffi c-congestion mitigation con- cepts. The event provided com- munity members an opportunity to provide input on a proposed ramp- to-ramp, auxiliary-lane concept to help alleviate evening rush-hour traffi c congestion on southbound I-5 and Wilsonville Road inter- change area. The City offered an online survey from at the proj- ect website, The City of Wilsonville Plan- ning Commission is scheduled to hear an update on Wednesday, April 11 at 6 pm, at City Hall on the results of the online open- house survey held during March. Starting on April 12, the City and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) are hold- ing a 45-day public-comment peri- od on the proposed ramp-to-ramp congestion-mitigation solution Option C that would add a short auxiliary-lane to southbound I-5 from Wilsonville Road past Char- bonneau/Miley Road exit to the Canby/Hubbard Highway 551 off- ramp. In June, the City Council may consider a resolution of sup- port for the project, which would then advance for adoption by the Oregon Transportation Commis- sion for inclusion in the updated Metro Regional Transportation Plan. Three I-5 congestion-mitigation alternatives are proposed by the ODOT and the City in the joint study: Option A: New ramp-to-ramp I-5 lane south from Wilsonville Road on-ramp to the fi rst exit for Charbonneau/Miley Rd. Option B: New ramp-to-ramp I-5 lane south from Wilsonville Road on-ramp to the second exit for Canby-Hubbard/Highway 551. Option C (the City's preferred alternative): Same as B, plus a second, I-5 turn-lane added to the Canby-Hubbard/Highway 551 exit fb&FRVWFr&fFVRGFVFVW0vF'GVGFV&&P&WB&V6VBR6vW7F7GVFW2FR76&R&VVfG2B7B`&F&R6WF@FR&VƖ֖'&V6VFFbFR&V7BVFW'266&FrFDB6֖ &V7G2FBfRFFVB&FЧ&WƖ'W2f"W&vpfbvv2FR'FB&RЦvfR&VGV6VB7&6W2'3FSW&6VB7W'&VFǒWfVr6WFP7VVG26WF&VBRV v6fR&B6G&F#PBWfVrG&ff2&62WFv6fR&B&W0fW''&BBFv6VFW"vW7BG&fVFW2FR6WFWG&6V7FbRfR&V6P7&V6vǒV&VƖ&R&W7VFpV&VF7F&R6WFW2@FVFRFVǒ6r`g&VvBǗ62F6FW2FB&W@cW&6VBbG&ff2vWGFrऒRBv6fR&BWG2@VFW"FR6&&VR"6'ФV&&&BWG2&F&R2WV7FVBF&fR&VƒЦ&ƗGR6WF&VB&VGV6P6vW7FRBV6W"f"G&bЦW'2F6vRW2BvVW&ǐ6FWBG&ff2fr&fV@RW&F6VB6FfVǒЧ7BG&ff2frF&VvFRvЧ6fR&BRFW&6vR&VgFW"66RbFRƖR7W'fW&V7BVFW'2v66FW"V&Ɩ0WBB&W&RG&gBRvЧ6fRf6ƗGFB6VFW0fFW&FfR&V6VFЧFFRG&gB266VGVVBF&R&VV6VBf"CRF6V@W&B7F'FrV&ǒ&6G6V6&fbFR2WЧV7FVBvFFFF07VW"'FR&VvG&7"ЧFF6֗76f"6W6FR7FFRG&7'FF&fRЦVB&w&5DBWG&&VvG&7'FFࢅ%E6&&VR&W6FVG2&RfW'f֖Ɩ"vF66VW2ƖRF0&6WR6WF&VBVWFrv2VB&6FF67W7276&R6WF2F&fFVB'FR6G`v6fR॔U vBVv&"6RVWBvF6VF"6Vখ6&&VRFvWvV@3sR5rv6fR&@v6fR"ss'W3S2S"ӃVW6ХvVFW6F&RFc36&&VR6V&W6PFR#6W762W7BVFVBfBWCvBw2fR76V@vBw2FFwB70rF2vffV7BPvWBW"VW7F27vW&V@ƖvB&Vg&W6VG26W'fV@wwr6&&VV6VG'6V"6