The Chamber Review March/April 2019 - Page 22


Legalshield Independent Associate

Clovis Chamber Ambassador Committee

Born in Madera, Calif., Williams has lived in California, Oregon, Hawaii, North Dakota, Nevada and Virginia. He is a graduate of Santa Cruz-based Bethany University, where he met his beautiful wife Sarah 45 years ago. Williams has three children and 15 grandchildren. He has worked for the last 19 years as an independent associate with LegalShield, the number one Legal Services/Identity Theft Services provider in North America and collectively the largest law firm in the world. He has served as pastor of churches in California and Oregon. As well as being a small business owner, he was a partner of ProSpec Electronics an electronics manufacturing company in Merced, Calif. He has also been a conference speaker, trainer and motivational speaker for over 45 years.

Being the best at what I do has always been important to me, and now that it involves helping other families create memories, that is especially true. I am currently working on a certification as a certified travel associate and plan to follow that up with a certified travel counselor certification.

By Sheldon C. Baker, CEO, Baker-Dillon Group

CC: Why did you decide to become a Chamber Ambassador?

Mr. Williams: Clovis is a great place to live and do business, I was aware that many who consider Clovis home prefer to do business with Clovis based business. After joining the Chamber I discovered that the best way to be supportive of the Clovis Chamber was to be an Ambassador.

CC: Would you say the Chamber is an effective marketing tactic to promote your business?

Mr. Williams: That would be a definite yes! The Clovis Chamber has many opportunities every month to connect with other business owners and build great relationships with professionals in the Clovis area. Most people prefer to do business with those they like and trust.

CC: How does your business give back to the community?

Mr. Williams: I volunteer for many of the events that are sponsored by the Clovis Chamber. I also provide informational and educational presentations dealing with the issue of identity theft to service groups and organizations in the area.

CC: What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a business leader?

Mr. Williams: I am an avid student of personal development books and audios. I also attend at least one personal development or business development seminar a year.

CC: At a Chamber event, what’s your favorite adult beverage?

Mr. Williams: A glass of wine, most of the time, a red of some kind.

CC: Has your business card ever been drawn to win a prize at a Chamber mixer?

Mr. Williams: I am sure it has but I do not remember the specifics.

CC: What things do you do outside of your business to help you be better at your job?

Mr. Williams: I read at least 10 pages of a business or personal development book just about every day. Currently I am also enrolled in and taking the Grant Cardone Business Builder Certification Course.