The Chamber Review January/February 2019 - Page 37

Display how you and your company of fascinating individuals support our community

Example: Use the #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT hashtag to mark the one-year anniversary of receiving a coveted industry award, and include how the award affected you and your staff personally, helping to encourage you to branch out into a new product line.

• Industry Focus—How can you deliver your personal twist on the state of your industry to brand you as an industry pundit?

Gaze into your crystal ball and tell a visual story of where you see yourself and your industry ten years from now. How will your company adjust to new innovations on the horizon? Deliver predictions about upcoming trends in your to lend more authority to your brand. Share favorite inspirational quotes that mirror your core business values. Chronicle the history of your company and how it ties in with the evolution of your industry. Research and reveal fun aspects of your company and your business partners that consumers have little knowledge of.

Example: Spill the beans on Instagram about the little known fact that your industry starts work at the crack of dawn to service European consumers during their regular business hours. (And you can mention your European customer’s favorite lunchtime sandwiches, too)

The key to adding a human touch to your social media posts is to have fun with it. You’ll attract customers who may have never noticed you from all the noise that is posted on the internet. And you’ll endear them to your brand with your human touch.

Need more ideas for humanizing your social media posts? Visit for examples specific to:

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These pages only scratch the service. Watch our social media management video to learn more about the importance of connecting with your potential clients and customers, wherever they hang out online.


Get out your camera to shoot some quick poses or candid photos, and push record to collect video vignettes. Don’t spend much time on editing—Remember, you’re showing your human side, and part of the charm of building a human connection is that no one expects us to be perfect.

Wondering where to start? Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

• Behind the Scenes Focus—What goes on behind the “Employees Only” door?

Get in on the action of your team setting up for the day, working together to put the finishing touches on a project, and even clowning around in the lunchroom. Take your behind-the-scenes shots beyond the walls of your business to show the product demo table at your latest expo appearance. Take a shot of the keynote speaker just before the curtains open at the convention. Catch a statement from the company president before he enters the flight gate to board his plane and close a new deal.

Example: Hold a Facebook contest for followers to guess an employee’s mystery lunchtime sandwich ingredients for the prize of a product sample. The sandwich has nothing to do with your company’s products, but the posts create an online buzz and earn more followers and attention.

• Personal Focus—You, your employees, your customers, and your business partners have interesting lives. How do your lives intertwine with your business?

Document employee birthdays and their years of service—Invite them to tell their stories with your company in their own words. Shoot “a day in the life” photos and videos of yourself and other key company players. Highlight friendships, partnerships, and sponsorships. Record an unrehearsed testimonial by a loyal customer, and throw in a question about something completely unrelated (their favorite sandwich?) to humanize the video. Share throwback memories of the last business convention, awards presentation, and product launch.