The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE Magazine. 2016 The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE magazine. 2016 - Page 74

Press Art of Burqa An Afternoon of Art, Dialogue, Film, and Performance March 6, 2016 at Pen and Brush Photo credit: Terrence Jennings Is Fashion Modern? Salon and Abcdearium - MoMA Behind Burqas, More than Bodies - April Greene “Exquisite work. Artwork, writing — you will see, feel differently.” Art of the burqa: exploring the many narratives of the woman under the veil - ivoh On the Margin – The Art of Burqa - WPFW Pacifica 89.3 FM Art of Burqa event in NYC (March 6, 2016) - Flickr The Burqa Issue in Of Note Magazine - Augury Books Burqa Exhibit Coming to Flatiron Gallery This Weekend - DNAInfo New York 9 Things to Do and See During Women’s History Month in NYC - Untapped Cities The Art of the Burqa: An Afternoon of Art, Dialogue, and Performance (March 6) - Pen + Brush The Burqa: Tool of Oppression? - Women’s Voices of Change Brishkay Ahmed: Unveiling the History of the Burqa - World Policy Institute OF NOTE: The Burqa Issue, Examining Complicated Experiences Of Women Who Wear The Burqa - The Marc Steiner Show 74 OF NOTE Stacy Parker Le Melle, Communications Director, Afghan Women’s Writing Project “Thank you all for putting this issue forward. Many would have chickened out and chosen caution to avoid a dialogue about the burqa and Muslim women…But you all are now encouraging conversation and debate. Freedom of expression lives on. Thank you.” Brishkay Ahmed, Filmmaker 75 OF NOTE