The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE Magazine. 2016 The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE magazine. 2016 - Page 54

Now, as an Afghan woman in the United States, I think exploring the burqa is important because it opens the conversation to a complex issue which Western audiences are not very familiar with. People often ask how a woman would bring herself to wear a burqa? It’s simple. When a girl grows up seeing her mother wear a skirt or put on make-up, she will probably want to do the same. The similar thing happens to girls in Afghanistan, they follow what they have seen growing up. The burqa was present in Afghanistan long before the Taliban came, but it was forced on women during their reign. important to hear from those who actually lived the matter. It is they who speak best about their culture and society. who wanted to raise their voice but couldn’t find an opportunity; or those who spoke out but were shut down. These artists are critical thinkers in their When we decided to curate an issue on the burqa, we wanted to see how artists incorporated the burqa in their art; how they gave new sense and interpretation to it. We looked to artists for which the burqa impacted their lives and the lives of women around them. We heard their personal stories of the burqa, and what it means to them. We witnessed their artistic rage and wishful responses to it. Despite its inherent Today in Kabul, beauty, the burqa we see fashionable is mainly seen as a Afghan girls who are I argued with them for nights and product of H]X\[\[HX\[Z\^\^Z[[]HY&][[\H\œ\\[H[[ܙBX\H\XHX]\HH[YY[]\]ۜ\]]Hݚ[\H\[ HY&][B[HY[Y\[BZH[X[[X[\˂[]\[ܜܘ]Y[Z\Y[]B]\8%[\BX\H\XHš\ܘH[] [X[\[\[Y[H]Y[BZ\[Z[x&\ۛ܋^H]H\XH[\˜[]وZ\Y]H[ܙ\]H[[ۙ[\H]܈X]]Y[\\ZHZ[[ۂ[H[HX\YH[K[YHX\]܈ܙX][HXX]HH] [YY H\XB\X^H[Z]ܜYZ\X\\Hۋ\[]X]HؚX] X[\^KXXY[[][]H[ݚ[H\]ۈ][]\ܛY[\K][\[[ZX™H\[\]H ]XY\H\Y[[\[[\[[[ZX˂]\Y\X[HY\Y\%]X[ [\[ [Y[\[][\\][\ˈH\XH[H\XH][\[][[ˈ]\]\YBXY\[^\[ۈو[\]X[]H][X[ۂ]\\]YX[[ˈ[[Y[وH\XB[وX[[X[H\[]H[X]]K[HY[[Yx&\[^H\[ۈ[H[[[[\]X][H[\˜[[]\XY[و[Y\X[[\ZBو]X\KYHYK\Z[K\[\YX H\XH\š[\[X[H\\^H]HYXHو][\]Y[H\XH\YH\H\\XXY[ٛܛH]YX[[˂HY \ݛ[[Y[[ۈH\\[ۂ\[H\XKZ\]HܚXZق]\H][YHHH\]܈و\\YH܂Y[&\[ ^H\HY[]Y\[ۂшHXY^[K\[Y[X[[]^H\HX\Y[X\[B\\ H\H^HXK^H^\Y[H[X\]\Y[[[ۛHXXY[Z\^HYۈ^Hۈ\ۘ[[][ۜ\][\K\H\\\HHXHو[[YY[H\XK][H[X]HXXZH\]\MшBY]Y\]H[\HYو[\[\]X[]B]Z\ܙX]]]K\H\\]H][Y\˜[YX[[\XKXZ^^ZYH\ܛ[\\Y[\[˜HXH[Z[H]XYHY[YHۈYX][ۋ[H\ZYYX\ H[X[[YB\ܘ[\XH[Z[HYHH[B[X[X] ]\[Y[\[YX\]\^ZYHۈH\\۝[YH\YX][ۂ[H[]Y]\[ KXZ^^ZYB^ZYH\Hܚ]\܈HY[Y[ܚ]\”ڙX[Y[ܜHۛ[H\Hܚ܈Y[[Y[\[XZܚ]B[\ H\[H[Z\\ۛܙY]HX[Y[[Hܛ[[Z][P™܈\ܝ[H]^ܙ\X\[HZXYXY\[][ۜ\[H\[YHBKˈ\[K^ZYH\[HX\\&\ܘ[H]Hܘܘ[و\[\Yۈ][ܙB\[ۈ[]\]H[\[ۋ ˈ[\˜]ܚۈHݙ[ MHш