The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE Magazine. 2016 The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE magazine. 2016 - Page 46

When Open Culture was unveiled, Al Amoudi was asked if her use of graphic patterns of viruses suggested the burqa itself was a metaphor for disease. Al Amoudi asserts, “In addition to the loss of privacy, the rules of modern technology demand that we be constantly visible. The ‘disease’ is the Internet’s onslaught on Saudi identity, including a Western media’s agenda to portray women who wear the burqa as being oppressed.” Zaynab Odunsi For Al Amoudi, the burqa represents both a communication barrier and a focus. “In the presence of a woman who wears the burq K[H\HܘY›XZH^YH۝X X][[H]ۛHHY\™HHX[&\ܙ[^Y\8'HH^\ˈ\\˜H\H\[][ۋ[\Y]Y[X\H\XH[[X][H]H۝ݙ\Z\[\X[ۜ[ ^H\H\[Xۜ[\˜[[YH[ܙHY[KۙY[[H[۞[Z]BوZ\Y[]Y\˂^[X[H\H]YKX\YY\X[ܘ\\H]Y\\[YH\H[]\]HX\\[HY[œܝZ]ܘ\\ܚ[][][]Y\ق[[Y[[[[[\YXKH[]Y[K[HZYHX\ Z]\X[ \\[XK0HZ^X^YZ  L\\HوH\\ шB ш