The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE Magazine. 2016 The Burqa Issue. OF NOTE magazine. 2016 - Page 4

Table of Contents 4 OF NOTE 06 Mariam Magsi: Imagining the Possibilities of a Hot Red Burqa 16 Shamsia Hassani: Beauty and the Burqa 24 Rada Akbar: Making the Invisible Visible 34 Brishkay Ahmed: Unveiling the History of the Burqa 38 Ahaad Al Amoudi: The Burqa as a Well-Worn Modern Mask 48 Behnaz Babazadeh: The Bitter Sweetness of Reinventing Burqas 54 Mahnaz Rezaie: Artistic Rage and Wishful Responses to the Burqa 58 Afghan Women’s Writi ng Project: Voicing Narratives of Change 64 Hangama Amiri: Secrets and Desires 76 Press 77 Art of Burqa: An Afternoon of Art, Dialogue, Film, and Performance by Erin Haney by Rajul Punjabi by Stephanie Seguino by Bureen Ruffin by Zaynab Odunsi by Gia Harewood by Mahnaz Rezaie by Celeste Hamilton Dennis by Suzanne Russell March 6, 2016 at Pen and Brush 5 OF NOTE