The Bridge V Learning 2(clone) - Page 92

The most obvious thing that we can see from the graph is the changes in the earth’s magnetosphere. The changes weren’t so big, but you can still spot them. That is because of the solar winds that are constantly interfering with the earths magnetic field.


We built a magnetometer.

We powered the laser and adjusted its voltage and current.

We successfully build Helmholtz coil and used it to find North/South.

We all found a lot of things interesting. But a few things stood out.

We measured a thing we cannot even see.

We built something that was complicated with a little help from our teachers.

We also built electric circuits so we could control a laser pointer with a turn of a screwdriver.

We learned something we don’t know about magnets and electricity.


Overall we have built a magnetometer from a Jar, a mirror, a magnet, and a laser pointer; also a Helmholtz coil. Also we have constructed a breadboard which powers the electromagnet. On the graph, the magnetic field changed through out the time, but not by a large amount. For example, the magnetic field was at 0.00025 at the beginning and then descended to approximately 0.00023. This is due to solar winds.