The Bridge V Learning 2(clone) - Page 86

Step by step: 1. Join the transistor BC 547 by 7. Connect all the elements with the copper wire and soldering a soldering iron and a copper iron and fix them on a wire with capacitor 3,3 nF, cardboard box. and next lead the wire to the capacitor 2,2 nF. 2. 8. Wind 10 coils of copper wire onto the plastic box and Next join the capacitor 2,2 nF connect to one of transistors. to the resistor 6,8 kΩ, and connect the second transistor BC 547 to the resistor. 3. resistor 220kΩ. Connect the capacitor 220kΩ to the capacitor 10nF which was joined with the integrated circuit LM 386. 5. Connect the capacitor 10mF to the integrated circuit. Then connect the loudspeaker. 6. Wind 60 scrolls of copper wire on the glue tube and pin to the second generator. Connect two transistors to the capacitor 10kΩ, join with the 4. 9. Join the switch with the battery 9V. 10. The magnetometer is ready :D! You can see our presentation here: to-construct-a- magnetometer/?utm_campaign=share& utm_medium=copy Made by: Justyna Dudek Translation: Dominik Bigos