The Bridge V Learning 2(clone) - Page 61

The groups task was to develop a manual for the construction of a CANSAT

A CanSat is a simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can. The challenge for the students is to fit all the major subsystems found in a satellite, such as power, sensors and a communication system, into this minimal volume. The CanSat is then launched to an altitude of a few hundred metres by a rocket or dropped from a platform or captive balloon and its mission begins: to carry out a scientific experiment and achieve a safe landing.

Our experiment was to measure the acceleration due o freefall

to measure air humidity

Air Pressure

And To measure the earths magnetic field

Our students were to create a manual for the construction of a magnetometer

Then to examine ways to show our work through the medium of Virtual reality

There were Student meetings every Tuesday