The Brand Protection Professional (The BPP) VOLUME 1 | NUMBER 2 - Page 44

THE BRAND PROTECTION PROFESSIONAL Yes, my boss and I are the entire in-house IP team managing 9,000 copyright registrations and 8,000 trademarks worldwide. WWE video programming can be seen in more than 180 countries in 20 languages. Needless to say we have a lot of content to protect and it is really important to align with vendors with strong technology to assist in enforcement. If your company is heavily invested in video content, then you need to choose a strong vendor with top technology in the fingerprinting and watermarking space, as well as a strong vendor in the post- event User Generated Content (UGC) and Peer-to-Peer enforcement space. One cannot ignore social media and mobile apps, and there are vendors in those spaces that specialize there too. On the marketplace front, one almost needs to work with a vendor to assist in the removal of listings online selling counterfeits – it’s a volume game. But even then, one needs to strategically pick certain battles. Let your data work for you. Concentrate on high-volume sellers importing counterfeit goods into high-value jurisdictions and those selling in bulk online. Run select investigations on these high-priority targets and work backwards to shut them down at the source of creation. One more important tip: do not underestimate the importance of your copyright rights. In some first- to-file countries, you might have problems registering your trademarks, so copyright I know that you solved a problem for me with an registrations and the ability to use them to enforce based on international treaties come in very handy where your IP portfolio may have holes. outside counsel recommendation with whom I now have a multi-year successful Also, I can’t overstate establishing relationships with relationship. other brands and customs/law enforcement to discuss problems and solutions – a fix for your particular problem might already be solved. 44