The Brand Protection Professional (The BPP) VOLUME 1 | NUMBER 2 - Page 43

DECEMBER 2016 | VOLUME 1 | NUMBER 2 We are watching the app space closely as well, but social media is currently the center of my worries . I just changed one of my search terms on Facebook, and whap! A whole new pile of fakes. How worried are you about social media? Social media is definitely a growing concern, especially with the major platforms rolling out live streaming and User Generated Content video capabilities. WWE is a fully integrated media and entertainment company and programming that reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/Periscope/ Vine are becoming huge players in the video space without robust fingerprinting and enforcement In your work at WWE you engage with both physical goods counterfeiting and video piracy; most of us in brand protection are one or the other. How do your balance your efforts? Do you utilize vendors to assist you? mechanisms to eliminate pirated content like YouTube’s more mature Content ID system. It’s something they are working on, but their fast rollouts have been a bit “cart before the horse” as their enforcement protocols seemingly have taken a backseat. 43