The Brand Protection Professional (The BPP) VOLUME 1 | NUMBER 2 - Page 42

THE BRAND PROTECTION PROFESSIONAL Worry is a force that drives many of us in brand protection. What are you worried about today? The mobile app space is something that WWE is keeping an eye on very closely. Elimination of rogue, malware-infected, and infringing mobile apps is something that we are monitor [[[ܘ[ۈ[ܙH[[ܙK]HB]ܚ\\X ]Xۜ[Y\Y[X[Z[\XB]ۜ\وH Z\[X\X[Z[[[[ۋY[X[ܘ[[Z[]Z[XHۈ] ]\[[ؚ[H]X\]8&\[\\]]HY\\\XHYBو[]]ܚ^Y\\\HH\\^\Y[H