The Brand Protection Professional (The BPP) VOLUME 1 | NUMBER 2 - Page 24

THE BRAND PROTECTION PROFESSIONAL Canadian Standards Association (CSA) provides not-for-profit standards development, training and research, along with advisory solutions and global testing, inspection and certification services. Key business areas include: home and commercial, industrial, healthcare and specialized markets and technologies. The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products globally, contributing to a safer, more sustainable world. T: 416-747-4000 or 800- 463-6727 ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that certifies environmental benefits and financial value through superior energy efficiency. It includes various certifying energy- efficient products, homes, and buildings. FM Approvals (formerly Factory Mutual Research Company) provides certification for electrical and electronic equipment, electrical equipment for use in hazardous locations, fire alarm and signaling, fire protection equipment, insulation, pipe and fittings, pumps, roofs, valves for fire protection service, walls, etc. K• KLMKMM̂H\ZY\[X[\\Y܈\[\ۜ[Y\Xˈ][X][ۈوHX[YH]Y][œXYX][\\[\XY[[X\][Z[\ˈH\ZY\[X[[ݚYH܈B[Z]Y^YX\\[K˙\ZY\[˘KX \]Y]X[ ‘܈ݙ\ LYX\S\[YYH][[ܚ[[\ۛY[ˈS\YY\[Y]\\\YY\[X]Y]Y\\[YX][ۜˈS\][Y[ܙH[ M [\܈Y]K[\[X][H [[ۈSX\\X\ۈX\[Hܛ ˝[ KŒ