The Bondsteel Bullet October 2013

THE BONDSTEEL BULLET October 2013 NEWSLETTER ? ? Financial officers from more than 20 contributing countries within KFOR meet at Camp Bondsteel to exchange invoices amongst each other. Multinational Support Cell deals with bills and exchanges invoices when U.S. soldiers use services in other camps in Kosovo. Camp Bondsteel is home to 11 different contributing countries to KFOR. Issue 7 THE BONDSTEEL BULLET The Bondsteel Bullet is produced for civilians and military personnel on Camp Bondsteel. Contents of this publication are not necessarily official views of Multinational Battle Group-East or AST Balkans. Public Affairs Officer Maj. Wencke Tate 4th Public Affairs Detachment Executive Editor Capt. Randy D. Ready Layout design/Editor Ardian Nrecaj Paying the Bills Staff Writer Ardian Nrecaj Story and Photos by Ardian Nrecaj, Public Affairs Specialist Camp Bondsteel is home to 11 different KFOR contributing countries. Soldiers from these countries sleep, eat, exercise and work at Camp Bondsteel during their service in Kosovo. Bejrin Rrahmani, a senior specialist for Area Support Team Balkans, Multinational Support Cell at Camp Bondsteel, explains that behind all the logistical service provided to the contributing countries in the KFOR mission are bills to be paid and that is what her office deals with. “Our office is set in two branches: accounts receivable and payable,” said Rrahmani. “Receivable means when we provide services to other nations we send them the bill for them to pay. Accounts payable is when we pay the country that provided the support to U.S. troops.” Rrahmani explained that when U.S. soldiers go to Camp Novo Selo, the MNSC receives a bill from the French Army for meals, water, billeting, fuel and any medical services or other support provided to them. “There are more than 30 contributing countries in KFOR mission,” said Rrahmani. “We do billing and exchange invoices with them.” POC for this publication is: Ardian Nrecaj, DSN 781-3467 “We all get together and MNSC organized a meeting for financial officers from most of the contributing countries in KFOR at Camp Bondsteel on Sept. 20 to exchange invoices amongst each other. exchange invoices” – Mitch Franklin, MNSC chief “We had paymasters that are stationed here in Bondsteel, we had French who were bringing bills for people from Camp Novo Selo or Gate 31, and also we had the Germans for some of their camps,” said MNSC chief Mitch Franklin. Franklin added this meeting was the easiest and most effective way for everyone to get together and accomplish the billing task at one time. “This is a good way for us to interact with each other and exchange invoices at one time, rather than us going to Film City and other camps to meet people.” Bejrin Rrahmani, a senior specialist for the Multinational Support Cell at Camp Bondsteel, oversees the payment done by French Army financial officer Sgt. 1st Class Stephane Dreulette. THE BONDSTEEL BULLET ? Page 1