The Black Pages Magazine July 2015 - Page 5

Billy Danze: We Build Hits The regions, the states that are important or influential in hiphop seem to be clearly defined. The South. I've been living for a while here on Earth. Along the way you pick up some wisdom in the way of advice, admonitions, and adages. West Coast. The adages have always been helpful. East Coast. The early bird gets the worm. For the most part it's either by region or by state. Midwest. The second mouse gets the cheese. But what I rare is hearing about artists based out of Michigan. Rarity in life makes for something Don't put all your eggs in one basket. unique, something that will defy the conventions. I like to think that applies to Global Not Local. Global Not Local (born Jordan Jones) is a twenty-two year old artist who was born and raised in Saginaw, MI. In addition to being a rap artist he touts skills as both a producer and an engineer. Through his music he expresses all of his life's adversities, growing pains, and achievements. One of the more lesser known adages might be this one: talent engenders talent. What that means is that talented people tend to be close to or more often associated with equally (or sometimes more) talented individuals. Its the basis of a good group as well as a good record label. Off the top of my head I can include TDE, Maybach Music Group, and G.O.O.D. Music. I liken it to a general building up his war chest and preparing himself for war. Add Billy Danze to the list. I had the chance to peruse the blog and do some research on Danze's company We Make Hits. He [Global] and his brand of hip-hop are edgy, pushing the boundaries. This is something that hip-hop can always use. Quite impressive… This eclectic nature to his music makes Global somewhat of a pioneer. On the business side of things, We Make Hits signed a deal with Sony RED Distribution. Drawing from a high level of intelligence and temperance, Global has a look and sound that will According to Hip Hop DX the two have joined forces with Sony RED Distribution to found a new label for company's diverse and globally-based roster. capture the attention of a lot of young people from all walks of life. He is made all the more relatable by his past as a former basketball star from one of the worst cities in the country for drugs, violence, and domestic abuse. The newly founded label had planned to release albums by November 2012. At the time of the interview, Danze was quoted as saying: Here an artist wh