The Black Pages Magazine July 2015 - Page 3

The Black Pages: Tell us how & when you got your start selling XS Energy drinks? The Foundation Founder/Owner/CEO: TazDatMC Bookings for Magazine Features: Advertising: Mailing Address: Black Pages c/o Street Thoughts PO BOX 21024 Sean Felder: I was with ex buisness partner Aaron Brown at a Amway seminar in NYC 2/17/09. We decided to be Black enterprenuers. Darlene Brown of "Lucille Roberts gym" gave us a chance to showcase our products to Harlem community 4/24/09. We were XS vendors, got attention of the ladies, but we didn't get a contract deal. Aaron and I eventually had a fallout so I started doing grinding on my own. The Black Pages: You take a pretty persistence & diverse approach when it comes to selling XS. Why are you so passionate about this product? How did you get involved promoting energy drinks via the hiphop/entertainment scene? Seattle, WA 98111 Sean Felder: I believe in XS and got magazines like Don Diva & Stunnaz to advertise my product. Village Voice news, AM Ny news and Weekly Star also advertised XS Energy Drinks for Editorial: exposure. I give credit to DJ Big Cal of Livelink Entertainment. Chief Editor/Contributor: TazDatMC He took me under his wing. At the time Cal & Anthony Jones hosted open mic shows at Bowery Poetry Club. That's where I Admin/Contributor: Lucius Black created a buzz as XS vendor back in Jan 2010. Giving out free Other Contributors: E-Moe for SiMpLy Art Graph-X samples, shirts & towels to get attention of hip hp community. Then Cal had me on his Local Spin Radio Show at Da Matrix The Black Pages is (courtesy of Royalty Magazine & Street Studios in the Bronx. That's when the legend of S Felder/XS Thoughts) is a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to began (on Jan 2010). Not to mention, me being on his show gain global exposure. gave me more exposure. The Black Pages: What are some challenges you have faced from when you started to today? What are some of your greatest accomplishments? Sean Felder: My greatest challenge was dealing with unfair treatment and racism when I was IBO for amway. Go to and search for "Arlene Brown Presents Enterprenuer Sean Felder". Just watch how I call out Amway ok What's Inside: Cover: Sean Felder Music & Business Reviews (Colossus, We Build Hits, GlobalNotLocal) Streetz Radio Expansion And more… Interview with Sean Felder My biggest truimph was winning Explosive Grind Award this Jan 24,2015 at NYC Club Pyramid for Elegant Hoodness Music Awards. Was previously nominated 4 times so winning this award took my XS brand to next heights. The Black Pages: For those that may not familiar with the brand, what separates XS apart from other energy drinks? Why should people purchase or support this product? Sean Felder: XS is so diffferent from other energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull because of 0 Carbs & 0 sugars. Plus it’s loaded with vitamins. There’s about 16 different flavors, just go to for more info ok? The urban communities, Black Colleges, franchises like Dollar General, Dollar Tree should invest in this product for sales and profit. 1