The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 5 - Page 20


I human; I humane; I humanitarian...

by Devin Taylor

...I always bite head off animal cracker before tuck in. Never cause I suffering. Never leave I crumbs unswept under table. When place leaving, leave I place cleaner than first when found. When at community I understand group dynamic. I dynamic community, I feel dynamite! I like feel part community of explosive­something. I make deep­explosive connection which last will life time. Feel I warm glow of self­satisfaction and accomplishment before asleep I fall, always to most­dreams pleasant: dreams of being as is I'm that are exactly where I be should. I wish if nothing but positivity things upon friends, peers, associates. And I (times of some) sort in mind little trinkets to gift­basket for them—tokens to remember connections­us by: cheese­crackers, wine, explosive­salami. You know did that cost it hundreds of pounds of thousands of dynamite to boom­boom the railroad transcontinental? Sad. Always—I drink if moderation—never excess, never boxed. I wash wine down with cracker head animal. Never I suffering because.