The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 5 - Page 19


apocalypse ad campaign

It's not that the world is ending, just that this world has become passé. The demographic that we're after is brand-conscious and harbors a secret fear of being left behind. This is what I'm thinking. Establishing shot: the beach. It'll be a weekday so the sand will be infested with people reading because there won't be any ocean pumping to swim. Over-saturated colors give way to black and white and a bikini-aged girl removes her heart-shaped shades. She rises to her feet, and begins strolling toward a spotlight at the edge of the frame. She presses her ear to the light and hears the ocean. She lounges beneath the spotlight like a tanning bed. She closes her eyes and awakens at an exclusive resort with few people in the abundant waves. They invite her in and no one else.

Illustration by Chestina Craig

Instagram: @sharksandpoems