The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 5 - Page 14



a ghost catches him in the night / fist down his throat / he gags awake / the ghost says to him / i’ve been waiting for you / i’ve been waiting for you / i threw you out / i thought you were gone  / he says /  i never left / and from the ghost’s eyes / two bloody unicorns / & he is no longer terrified / just don’t ignore your ghost


a month later in the field

just a tooth & somewhere

layered in grass, the eagle

lifts its head just slightly

to let out the rage

of months & months

laying in fallen dreams

like a petal waiting to

return to its rose. the

eagle lay there & didn’t

struggle much because

he knows that in day

the whipping pain

at his back & the meat

stolen from his body

will return.