The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 5 - Page 13


an eagle & a whip


the invisible noose around his neck / itches / the next place he’ll put a rope is around his wrists / tied to a bed of injustice / maybe a whip at his back / these games / they play are many roles played / at once / they / are just games / the winner gets a hundred dollars


in a field of grass, on some Midwestern plane,

an eagle sits with its legs cross like a gentlemen

in slim fitting nice slacks do, thigh pressing against

fabric, a display of meat

& overhead another kind of bird, a smaller bird

one that the eagle has seen before but never had

the courage to talk to, now approaches with its

piercing eye. it takes away the meaty thigh

& with a glance the other & they are soon

in an embrace.


he licks his lips the next day / his therapist tells him that it a sign of co-dependency / & at the word he shutters / but she can’t see it thru the tears / a master of disguise / the tears worth their weight in golden tan white bois / how they deceive the eye / even when the lid is shut