The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 3 - Page 7


The Chokey in 3 body parts

by Justin Rogers

After The Chokey, found in Matilda

The Mouth

The mouth, when opened

doesn’t know whose name

will fall out & this

puts the whole hood on

it’s best eavesdrop.

Who gets choked next?

What tea can be made of the flesh when pulverized?

The audience tells myths about the jaw

says every name that goes in

comes out with less fucks to give &

knows it’s only valuable

with someone inside of it.

The Fingers

The fingers have two homes;

the guts of a Swisher

& pockets splitting with cash.

They curl fetal position behind

the palm & taste the

wish a nigga would.

Taste the sweat of wishes come true.

Taste Flamin Hots.

Taste Wayne mixtapes.

The nails smell of weed picked

from the wicker of lawn furniture—­­

let nothing go to waste.

The fingers form gun barrels

triggered by trap bass

so you know what’s really good—­­

so you know how they

survive when there is no where to turn.