The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 3 - Page 39



by Larry Thacker

We have a cousin that witches lost graves.

Uses copper wires held, elbows bent,

lines twisting in the loose grip and crossing

as she passes over a lost, stone-less grave.

I’ve wondered how anyone would realize

such talent. Is the thing taught? Expected

from birth? Or might anyone do it with faith

in the give of soft ground underfoot from

the fading body’s hint of exhaling voice?

Does a dowser’s curious aura interact with

the deteriorating aura of the bored dead?

How does one grade a sinking bit of ground

against just a piece of earth that’s given up?

Some claim they can cypher the dead’s gender,

the wires opening and closing as you stand

over these prone memories, estimating

heights, ages, and even a cause of death.

I don’t know if copper is the only element

for witching. What of willow and pendulum?

I’d say anything a spirit moves upon will work,

even the soft word near one’s ear and cheek.