The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 3 - Page 3

"The Final Word..." a Debut Chapbook

by Editor Matt Rouse

At some point in time between the rebellion and the self-indulgence, strange things happen. Things like having children. Matt Rouse captures in poetry, rants and prose what happens when you find yourself in that strangest of places: maturity.

In this chapbook Rouse records his experiences roasting marshmallows, waiting at the Starbucks, fishing, fighting to take back possession of his smart phone, turning 40, and being a dad. All of this done in his signature style of: drink a lot of coffee and read it really fast. enjoy!

Praise for "The Final Word..."

Read these poems fast and with coffee, Matt will be angry if you do it any other way. These poems get lost somewhere between incindiary bomb and decent parenting advice, these pages are as explosive as they are passable fuel for a camp fire.

Torrin A. Greathouse, author of Cosmic Taxi Driver Blues

Matt Rouse is an extreme threat to himself and others. He has not responded to my usual methods. He seemed to enjoy shock therapy a lot. If you see him, calmly walk the other way and contact the authorities. Do not approach and do not ever sell him coffee.

Dr. J.S. Ritchie PHD.

Matt’s psychotherapist