The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 3 - Page 29


What is More Holy; Clapback or Hallelujah?

by Justin Rogers

“​what you thought this was?”

Who ain't been blessed with

a properly placed punchline

popping a nigga Twitter ego? Words

become prayers when


for each


Clapback happens when

a nigga who you wished would


& it's time to get the Lord involved,

time to teach the side of a neck

what dat praise hand do. What You

thought it was to

clapback? Sin?

We used to clap with clips now

the tongue do the job just fine­

God know niggas fear voices

more than bullets.


Jesus would clap back.

What you expect from someone

willing to be crossed to save the hood; yes

Jesus saved the hood; made having a father

having dull switch blade in a fist fight,

gave the fatherless a clap back testimony

bloody enough to make the parent privileged praise

a God who stay ready to snap

no matter who you ain't got,

no matter how gutta you gotta get

to teach the devil how to fix his

face when you talk hallelujah.