The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 3 - Page 21


Saving Sedgwick

by Kenneth Gurney

It was May ninth, eighteen sixty-four

that my first time travel experiment took me back to

and deposited me in a smoke tinged orchard.

I was disoriented and a little dizzy,

leaned against a tree, one arm extended

for that brain-swirl to calm down and equilibrium

reestablish itself.

I don’t know if there was glimmer of energy

or a distortion in the air that made waves,

but a guy in the tree a thousand yards away,

adjusted his aim from somewhere else to me.

I saw the puff of smoke, but never heard the shot

before my forehead gave way to the conical bullet

and its flattening lead blew a three inch hole

out the back of my skull along with the brains

in the path of its trajectory.