The Black Napkin Volume 1 Issue 3 - Page 15


A Panic attack at work

by Jake R. Thompson

Run! Run screaming for the hills!

We are doomed! We are doomed!

Life as we know it will be swept up

In an awesome wave that will crumble your resolve

And leave no puzzles left to solve!

Repent! Repent!

There will be no warning when it crashes down upon you,

And you will rue the day the lizards grew

Mammalian feet and set their sights on land!

Forgive your family and absolve your guilt!

Return the phone call you ignored,

Destroy the house you built

For the end is nigh! The end is very fucking nigh!

Your blu-rays all will washed away be

In a vast current of dread and human filth!

All will be forgotten and none shall be spared!

Rejoice in your own mortality for you are not prepared

And there shall be no more of it to speak of!

Those afraid of extraterrestrial attack need no longer fear!

If you believed us to be alone on a miraculous breathing stone

Hurtling through the abandoned cosmos, your impending destruction

Will render your worldview meaningless!

Your debt will be forgiven! Your debt will be forgiven! Your debt will be forgiven!

Make peace with yourself and take your dog on a walk!

Steal a cello from a music store and play madly on your rooftop

Til your nails peel off!

Streak red across piano keys and scream your throat bloody!

Rhyme senselessly! Kiss strongly! Fuck with such animalistic need that you and your ravished partner transcend your human form...