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Since it is just for the women, it clearly isn’t for everyone. You can’t get your boyfriend, husband or guy friends to join in on it with you. Well, you could but they wouldn’t benefit from it as much as you will. This really isn’t a problem though because the men in your life probably have totally different goals and mindset, so working out with the ladies or by yourself is the way to go. Conclusion of The Beta Switch We’ve finally come to the end of my Beta Switch Review. I know it was a long read, but unlike some reviewers online I want to make sure I provide you with all the information you need to know in this review to make an informed decision about this stubborn fat burning system. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with a course before you buy so you don’t feel ripped off. I’ve had access to the course for a period of about 2 weeks and I’m still working my way through the entire program. I plan to complete it because it’s a 12 week training system. So far I’m loving every minute of it and I’m learning so much about myself in the process. I’m already seeing small results here and there and I’ve only just started! The workouts are fun, but they do push you so just keep at them and you’ll do fine! You’ll be hanging out with your girlfriends in no time hearing them compliment you on how amazing you look! The key is to make sure you don’t give up though and you actually complete the Beta Switch system. No offense, but if you decide to stop the program it’s not the fault of the system! You have to stay motivated and keep pushing forward! Women were designed to be strong!