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who have struggled with body image. In a world of women fitness programs I’ve never seen a module offered like this before. So make sure you check out this module and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. The Beta Switch also is risk free in the sense that you have a 60 day refund period! So you have a full 60 days to try this program out! If you don’t like it or it’s just not a fit for you for whatever reason you can get all your money back! So really it’s risk free for up to 60 days! You can’t really beat that in my opinion. The Cons Of The Beta Switch System In this part of the review I want to talk about a few of the cons of the program. Wait! I thought you loved the course Chantal? First off, I do, but there is no such thing as a perfect program and if anyone tries to tell you that run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Every online fitness/workout system can be improved in some areas. Also something to keep in mind is that a con is always a bad thing. Sometimes it can just serve as a warning to people on things to look out for. So here are a few of my personal cons and things to just keep in mind before you purchase the course, if you decide to of course. First off, The Beta Switch by Sue Hieintze is ONLY for women! So if you’re a man you don’t need to be reading this review unless you plan on telling your mom, girlfriend, wife or just your friend about it. You can’t get your boyfriend, husband or guy friends to join in on it with you for motivation. Well, you could, but they wouldn’t benefit from the system because it was designed just for us ladies! The Beta Switch is a completely online fitness/workout system so if you’re looking for a physical product sent to your door you’re not going to get it. This course is completely digital and everything can be accessed online. I only list this a con because I personally enjoy having a physical product. Still, the entire Beta Switch system can be downloaded, played on computers, Iphones, Ipads or a smart tv. A good potion of the program consist of manuals and guides and while there are a number of video modules I would have liked to see a few more videos. It’s not a bad thing at all, but I really like video. Now please keep in mind that The Beta Switch does have a lot of video training too, but I would have liked to see a video module for the main manual or something, but that’s just my personal preference. As far as the content goes I couldn’t find a con! It’s literally that good! No filler or fluff information just pure “fat burning” get into your skinny jeans and feel great about yourself goodness!