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Sue and I both went through a long life of body image issues. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this then at some point or maybe you’re still going through them too! It’s not easy and not everyone will understand, but Sue does and I do and because of the challenges Sue Heintze went through she created this report. No women should have to experience this, but the truth is most of us do. It doesn’t help that the world we live in has fooled us into thinking we need to compete and compare ourselves to unrealistic photoshopped images. We see these beautiful women on magazines and books and believe that’s what we have to look like and that isn’t true at all. Sue created this report because she wants YOU to see the real you when you stare at the mirror and she wants you to love what you see! Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss As I was writing this Beta Switch Review I realised I almost forgot to add this bonus which would have been awful because it’s a really great one! We all known working out and fitness is physical, but it’s also a mental game as well! Our mind and thoughts play a huge part in getting into shape. In this book Sue shares 4 really powerful, but simple rules that will help you to make the mental game of burning fat and losing weight easy and fun. You’ll discover powerful emotional tactics that [[[]\\Y[\X[[[ٛܛX][ۜو[\Y\H[[\X[HHۙ\H\[ܙH]\œ\ۘ[]Y\\YۈHY[[\XوX[[]\˂HوH\[BH]H]\[X^[X]\H]\\XYX[HۈY[[HYx&\˜Hܚܙ\] \\] ]ˈY[[Y[\HY\[ [[H[&]X[H\Hܘ[H]\YYX]\H]8&\ZH\\[H]H8%\H\B\X[HY\[\˂]\[X[\X]\H]8&\[]XKX\H[HۛYK[Y^[]K\]Z[XH[[X\X] H]H]\۸&]Hܚ[Y™܈[X[\Xˈ[HXX[H[H[\ܘ[K[HۛˈYBZ[HݚY\]X]Z[]8&\[[K]\][\ZY][\Xܙ\[\Y][]8&\ۙ\HZH[H]H[\ۈ\ۘ[Z[\]]][HY[[][H[ܙH\Y\܈]X] ۙHوH\\\وH]H]\H\H[[H[Y8'X[YHܚY\‘HY[ZH[x'HH\[[HX[H]YH\X]\HH[[]H[قHY[[\[[K]8&\H\ۘ[[[H]ܚY\H\Y[ZH\