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Page 6A B THE BEACON Beacon USINESS NEWS ABOUT OUR ADVERTISERS Highpoint Health Earns “A” Rating Highpoint Health has received an “A” rating for health care quality and safe- ty. Receiving an “A” rating means Highpoint Health is among the best in the country for putting patients and their safety first. The Leapfrog Group, a na- tional nonprofit organization, rated Highpoint Health as a part of its Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. Leapfrog’s Safety Grade assigns an A, B, C, D or F grade to hos- pitals based on their perfor- mance in preventing medical errors, infections and other harms among patients in their care. Highpoint Health was one of only 750 hospitals na- tionally out of 2500 hospitals to receive an “A” for meeting the highest safety standards. Developed under the guid- ance of an Expert Panel, the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade uses twenty-seven measures of publicly avail- able hospital safety data to assign grades to U.S. hospi- tals. The reviews, conducted twice per year, are peer-re- viewed, fully transparent and free to the public. The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade assigns letter grades to hospitals based on their record of patient safety, helping consumers protect themselves and their families from errors, injuries, acci- dents, and infections. “We are extremely proud of the work done by our staff to achieve this recognition,” Credibility • Advocacy • Education • Visibility What Can The Chamber Do For You? Just Ask! 812-537-0814 June 2018 Long-Term Care Specialist Program of- fered by Ivy Tech stated Michael W. Schwebler, Highpoint Health President, and Chief Executive Officer. “Being awarded an ‘A’ is a testament to the excep- tional work done each day at Highpoint Health to keep our patients safe and free from harm.” “The ‘A’ grade recognizes Highpoint Health’s com- mitment to providing a total quality experience for our patients, every time,” added Dr. Nancy Kennedy, High- point Health Chief Medical Officer. “We need to do all we can to make sure our patients’ hospital visits are exceptional in all aspects of care.” “Leapfrog is the only national rating of how well hospitals protect patients from preventable harm and death, such as medical errors, infections, and injuries,” said Leah Binder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Leapfrog Group. Highpoint Health’s full grade details and access to patient tips for staying safe in the hospital are available at www.hospitalsafetygrade. org. Life Improvement... It starts with a better nights sleep. Featuring patented Beautyrest ® Pocketed Coil ® Technology. Available with Aircool ® Memory Foam for comfort. Harrison Try a ® BeautyRest ar with the Sm t Motion base Adjustable Sleep System 593 Ring Road • Harrison 513-202-0731 Next to STAPLES Store Hours: Wed-Fri 11-7 • Sat 11-6 • Sun 12-5 Closed Monday & Tuesday F R E DELIV E ERY with Mattre Beautyrest ® ss se *Ask fo t purchase r detai . ls * MORE MATTRESS FOR YOUR MONEY! Ivy Tech Community Col- lege and the Indiana Health Care Association/Indiana Assisted Living Association (IHCA/INCAL) have devel- oped a new credential, Long Term Care Specialist Certifi- cate, to meet the increasing demand for bedside caregivers in long-term care facilities. The looming workforce crisis has created a need to formalize career pathways for CNAs- those considered the backbone of long-term care. The Long Term Care Special- ist certificate program will create a foundation for CNAs to continue their education in nursing or other health care related occupations. The certificate program will offer individuals the oppor- tunity to obtain their CNA and continue their education by earning certifications in de- mentia care, restorative care, qualified medical assistant, and meal planning. Com- bined, these certifications will result in the newly launched Long Term Care Specialist Certificate. Ivy Tech collaborated with long-term care employer members of IHCA/INCAL to develop the stair-stepped ap- proach for the sector’s entry- level direct care employees. Individuals can move along a career pathway under one credit-bearing program that also offers them the ability to cross-walk existing on-the- job-training within a long- term care setting. “We are thrilled to work with IHCA/INCAL to cre- ate an opportunity to support and provide long-term care organizations with the skilled employees they need,” said Mary Anne Sloane, vice presi- dent of healthcare at Ivy Tech. “These additional credentials are valuable to the long-term care organizations and their residents, and will also result in a skilled workforce and higher wages. We are thank- ful for our partnership with IHCA/INCAL and the ability to work together to meet the workforce need.” IHCA/INCAL members have the option to enroll their employees in this certificate program through Ivy Tech’s Achieve Your Degree (AYD) program at no additional cost to the employee. AYD allows employers to provide tuition reimbursement on a defer- ral basis to their employees, along with concierge services for enrollment, financial aid, and advising. More than three hundred twenty students from long-term care have participat- ed in Ivy Tech’s AYD program. “The need for talented and dedicated professionals to care for our state’s seniors has never been greater. Our seniors deserve to receive the highest quality care from the best-trained professionals in long-term care. IHCA/IN- CAL members and Ivy Tech’s administration and faculty worked collaboratively to as- semble this program, which is a testament to the dedication we all have to providing great educational and employment opportunities,” said Emily Berger, director of workforce development and member services, IHCA/INCAL. Those interested in this program may contact their local Ivy Tech campus for enrollment information. This certificate is pending finan- cial aid approval. However, individuals can still apply. Employees should check with their employers to determine AYD or tuition reimburse- ment eligibility. Highpoint Health Sponsors Hospice Golf Scramble Highpoint Health Founda- tion invited the community to join this year’s Highpoint Health Hospice Golf Outing. Celebrating its 24th year, the event took place on May 11 at the Dearborn Country C Ո)չɕɄ)ѥхѕѡ䰁ݕ)䁄͡ѝոхи) ѥѡ́ݽəհ)ѕɹ݅́́)ȁݥѠ݅ɑ̸+q]ɔɅѕհȁѡ)Ёȁȴ)́ͽ́ѡ!)!Ѡ!=ѥ)Aɽ́́)չݡɔɕ)ɥЁձ)ѥtхѕMɅMɥа)ɕѽȁ ɥхٕ)Ёȁ!Ё!Ѡ)Q!Ё!Ѡ)!=ѥ݅)ѕUѕ Դ) ɉɸM٥) YAɵ̰)䁽ѡ̸)!Ё!Ѡ́)аɽаԴ)䁡ѡɔɽ٥ȁ)ѕѼٕɥՅ䁅)ɑɔɽ٥ѡ)Ѡѡչ䁅)她ፕ!)Ё!Ѡ́Ёɕٔ)ɅхєȁՉͤ)̸ɕͽɍ́)!Ё!Ѡͽ)ɽɽ٥Յ䁍ɔ)ȁѡչ䁅ɽ)ѡɽͥ䁽̸)]ͅѕȁMɥ́ɔԁɔAI=Q Q)5͙%Ʌ) ɥ))1ѕѥ))))@))UQ<)%I))5͙)Aɽ)ͥ)1%))!0)Q )1̈́Aɹ))ѡI)5)<) )Qɥ-չ))Ց)ML) UM%8(܃ȴܴܹ͙ͅ乍)͙ͅ乍)%e=T1%-Q!  =;A1MMUAA=IP=UHYIQ%MIL9Q10Q!4e=TM\Q!%HL%8Q!  =8Q!9,e=T