the BEACON Newspaper, Indiana beacon6-18 - Page 20

Page 8B DILLSBORO By Rebecca Davies Community Correspondent We have been so fortunate to have Patty Tibbs as our Dillsboro Branch Library Leader! She retired after eighteen years with the Aurora Public Library District. Patty was always so kind and help- ful to everyone who visited the library. Book club members commented on their meetings being started with wonder- ful refreshments and a warm welcome from Patty. She re- membered everyone’s names, family, and interests while making a visit to the library special. She will be missed. We wish her much enjoyment in her new adventures. Recently I heard someone refer to the Dillsboro Home- coming Festival (May 16-19th this year) as the ‘Worlds Fair’. O We’ve all heard that or joking- ly said it ourselves, but it made me really think about my days at the fair. I loved meeting friends ‘uptown’ when I was a teenager and riding the rides, even if I did get sick a time or two. My mom reminded us of the year that my sister and I marched in the parade, my brother’s band, took first place in the talent contest, my dad won the horseshoe tournament, and my mom took first in the nail driving contest! She said she won because she was slow and steady while her oppo- nents, in their haste, bent their nails….There’s a lesson there. Memories are many if you grew up here, and the meaning of ‘Homecoming’ becomes dear if you move away. This long-continuing festival in our town adds so much to our col- lective memory. Whether you live far away or right in town, I hope you each have a great Homecoming story to tell. To this day, when I hear a particularity loud croak from the pond, I think, “I bet that one can really jump!” HOURS MON—FRI 8:30—5:30 SAT 8:30—1:00 800.245.2886 We buy used cars—call for pricing!! NOW OPEN ON SATURDAY FOR SCRAP AND AUTO PARTS 8:30am — 1:00pm THE BEACON June 2018 ur Communities RISING SUN/ OHIO COUNTY By PG Gentrup Community Correspondent Spring is finally getting here with some temperatures getting into the 80’s the week I’m writing this, and I’m happy for some nice, warm weather. I had my trailer and truck in the parade for the opening of the Aurora Little League on Saturday, April 28. That day turned into a windy and chilly day but the rain held off. Grandsons, Grady and Coleton made their season debut. Grady is on the Indians while Coleton is on the Reds. Carli is busy with fast pitch softball with the Outlaws. Rising Sun High School has a softball celebrity with freshman Lindsay Montgomery who smashed the home run record for a season, which was six when she hit number seven at Lawrenceburg. 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