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Page 6B O THE BEACON June 2018 ur Communities MANCHESTER By Leona Houchens Community Correspondent Aurora Garden Club members Cindy Rottinghaus, Kathy Whitham, Charlotte Hastings, Gayle Slayback, and Emilly Beckman went on a field trip. AURORA By Fred Schmits Community Correspondent HI NEIGHBORS!! The Aurora Garden Club re- cently went on a field trip to the Krohn Conservatory for ideas and inspiration. Eight members enjoyed seeing the beautiful colors of the butterflies of Mad- agascar exhibit. Outside they saw crocheted sculptures of tremendous proportions. I can’t wait to see how their inspira- tions carry over to streetscapes of Aurora this summer. The eighth-grade students at Sunman-Dearborn Middle School participate in a pro- gram called Reality Check. The objective of Reality Check is to better prepare eighth graders for adult life. The stu- dents go from being 14-year- olds to being 28-years-olds and married. They choose a career from a list of career options and receive a monthly salary based on a two-income family. With their salaries, they open up a checking account at the bank. By “Luck of the Draw” they will select the number of children they will have and then pay TAXES! The students choose houses and automobiles to buy, pay back loans, pay insurance, buy groceries, pay utilities, etc. They also learn that vot- ing is a very important part of being an American citizen. Reality Check takes the stu- dents out of their adolescence and gives them a sense of adult responsibility. They walk away having an idea of what their parents cope with on a daily basis. As you review these topics with which the students become familiar ask yourself would you have ben- efitted from such instruction? At Easter time over two hundred (200!!) children took part in an Easter Bunny breakfast sponsored by Main Street Aurora. A big THANK YOU is extended to The Aurora Lions Club, SDHS Honor Society, Debbie Fehling, Jennifer Fehrman, Judy Hizer, Kerri Ohlmansiek, Sam and Brad Peddenpohl, Terri Schmelt- zer, Tabatha Turner, and many others for all of the hours of planning, contributions, and time devoted to this event!! Well, that’s it this time. Yard work and flower beds demand much time. Did you ever wonder….why do we spend so much time caring for grass? Let me hear from you. AROUND-THE-CLOCK INDIVIDUAL CARE. SO WHEN IT’S TIME TO REST, YOU CAN REST ASSURED. In fifty years, Manches- ter may be a red oak forest. Recently Manchester resident Doug Burger, President of the Dearborn County Park Board, planted a Red Oak sapling at Manchester School. He spoke to the students about the im- portance of trees. In partner- ship with Dearborn Savings Bank, two hundred eighty- four red oak seedlings were passed out to be planted in Manchester. Mr. Burger also planted a tree at Dillsboro, Aurora, and Lawrenceburg Elementary Schools. April 28 was Opening Day for MAABALL. Baseball and softball are once again con- suming the lives of Manches- ter families. Matt Crisswell is the coach of the 10U Girls team, and his wife Amber keeps score. Their daughters, Makayla and Monica, play on separate teams. Amber cooks a big meal on Mondays that they eat through Thursday because they are at practices and games almost every night. Thank God for families like the Criss- wells! They have a big impact on our children. Team player Anna Houze said, “Coach Matt makes us hit, throw, HARRISON By Nicole Williams Community Correspondent On April 18 the great City of Harrison rallied together and surprised 10-year-old Mason Richardson with a police escort home from his cancer treatment. Mason rode home in the front of the Harrison Police car while other emergency ve- hicles followed. Mason got to talk on the cruiser’s two-way radio and received his own badge. On the way home, with In celebration of Earth Day, Doug Burger taught local stu- dents how to plant a tree. Mr. Burger has worked in the park industry for over thirty years. 10U Girls work hard at every practice to make this MAA- BALL season their best ever! Go TEAM! catch, and run the field the whole practice! It’s going to help all our players get better.” In this age of no child left be- hind on the latest tech device, seeing children wanting to work hard for their team is so refreshing. Thank you to all the MAABALL coaches and their families. May you have a victorious season! I am so sad to say that another one of our neighbors has left us in the prime of sirens blaring, the escort sur- prised Mason by driving past his school at Harrison Elemen- tary. Lined up in the front of the building stood fellow stu- dents and teachers, all proudly shouting his name and words of encouragement. The family said the Harrison Community has shown great support since the diagnosis. Mason has just one more round of chemother- apy, and doctors are confident with the outcome. Local FCN Bank gave a gen- erous donation of 5,000 dollars to the Harrison Recreation Commission this past April 24. The money will be used to sup- port the Harrison Recreation Commission’s yearly Indepen- dence Day Celebration a 2vVƖfRv&'2v2( ĆW7B( FVB6"66FVB&6#@FRvRbS2f'7BV&V@b"v&.( 276rg&ЦRbג7GVFVG2vW6VB( FBRV &WB"v&'3RFVBPv27V6vB( W 6FV6W2F2vfRאv&'2Bb2f֖ǐBg&VG2"v&'26&R֗76VB'VrB@ƖRG'2bd4&W6VBЦr6V6F6fW&FR&V7&VF6֗766&FF"2FRV"7VW"66W'@6W&W2FR66W'G2&Rg&VPB&RBg&VFǒFG2F&2F26GW&Fg&ЦB6RWBF֖֒vFWvFW"f"g&VP7FfFW2FBV6W&vR&RЦrWFF'2FRWfVBv6VFRV6VFW'2@66fVvW"VBrvFFW"7FfFW2vW0&RvV6RV6RfVVg&VRF6&R琦Ww2vFRB'&6v$T4Ww266VW'0F7VW"fr6fR6f'F&R6RvFvǒG&V@VF67FfbV&'B7FfFW2FVWPVvvVB6vrv&VGV6rFRV@bFRR7VBv''rFN( 2vv^( &RW&R66VGVRf6BFF4TBU%4pB4T4$P"3"ӃC06W2G&fPw&V6V'W&rCs#P&FvWvF26( bRĔRDR$T4( eT4R5U%BU"EdU%D4U%2BDTDTR4rDT"E2DR$T4DR