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Page 4B O St. Louis School first and second grade racing readers THE BEACON ur Communities tion.” Mayor Mike Bettice added, “This is our way of thanking the veterans and active duty servicemen and women in a more personal- ized fashion for the many sacrifices they’ve made.” That’s Sue’s news for now! DOVER By Ray Johnson BATESVILLE By Sue Siefert Community Correspondent Community Correspondent Congratulations to BHS principal, Andy Allen, who has been selected as the 2018 District 10 High School Principal. District 10 includes Dearborn, Decatur, Andy Allen Fayette, Hancock, Jennings, Ripley, Rush, Shelby, and Union Counties. Check out these St. Louis School first and second grade racing readers as they pre- pare to ride the Radio Flyer Big Wheels donated by the Joan and John Hillenbrand Vision Fund! Second-grade teacher Jan Narwold reports, “For every one hundred minutes these young learn- ers read, they get to take a lap around the playground to prepare for the “Little 500” at the end of the school year. What a great way to encour- Erin Trenkamp and Spencer Mack age learning and exercise!” Well done Spencer Mack! This St. Louis School eighth- grader entered the Indiana Money Smart Kid Essay con- test. He earned the GRAND PRIZE, receiving $1000.00 for his college fund. Also, SLS Economics teacher Erin Trenkamp (shown with Spencer), was awarded $250 to spend on her Economics class, as well as the admis- sion fee for a summer eco- nomics conference. As Memorial Day ap- proaches, the City of Bates- ville will honor veterans through its Military Rec- ognition Banner Program spearheaded by Community Development Director, Ste- ven Harmeyer, who noted, “This project will showcase veteran banners from Memo- rial Day to Veterans Day on downtown light poles, and will include a walking guide with biographical informa- Taxes Have Been CUT! On Friday, December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law 1 . This controversial piece of legislation decreases the marginal income tax bracket for many Americans, thus opening opportunities to save on income taxes. However, this opportunity has a time limit and many of the income tax provisions are expected to expire in 2026. One of the largest opportunities provided by the new tax law involves Roth Conversions. With lower marginal tax brackets, many investors can begin to convert tax- deferred dollars into tax-exempt dollars, at a lower tax cost in 2018 compared to 2017. By converting pre-tax dollars (i.e. IRA) to tax exempt dollars (i.e. Roth IRA), investors can take advantage of the lower conversion cost while avoiding future taxes on this investment. Prior to the new tax law, let’s say a married couple wanted to convert an IRA worth $200,000 to a Roth IRA and assuming they were in the 15% income tax bracket June 2018 As I sit down to write this, the sun is shining. Various hues of green are emerging and becoming visible on the bushes and trees that have been bare and dormant for the past months. A change of season is beginning to sprout new life and I, for one, am looking so forward to it. Grass mowings are being checked off of the list, depen- dent on the weather. Shrubs and trees need pruning for new blooms of beautiful life to become exposed. The weather forecast is showing a high near 80 degrees in just a few days. Change is in the air. A year ago, I was plan- ning a trip of a lifetime, of sorts. My pilgrimage to the Holy Land, shared with many friends, was a beautiful op- portunity. This June, another group of pilgrims from All Saints Parish and the sur- rounding community will be traveling to the Holy Land. I hope and pray that their experience is as wonderful. Not a day that passes that I do not have a beautiful thought of my trip. These thoughts according to the previous tax rates. The cost of the Roth Conversion may have pushed them into the higher income tax bracket, meaning that the federal income tax cost of the conversion would have been approximately 28%. In other words, they would pay $56,000 in taxes to convert their $200,000 IRA to a Roth IRA. 2 were very prevalent during Lent and the Easter season. I am grateful to have had the experience and opportunity to take that trip. Ron and Donna Gaynor are excited about the latest addition to their growing family. On March 16 Molly and Josh Mason welcomed their first child, a son named Caleb Lee Mason. Caleb weighed 8 lbs., 3.4 ounces and measured 20.5 inches long. Caleb is Ron and Donna’s second grandchild. Congratulations to all. Happy Anniversary to Russell and Leona McCann. They celebrated their sixty- fifth wedding anniversary in April surrounded by family and friends. May they both celebrate many more healthy and happy years together. Congratulations to my father, Chuck Johnson, who celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday on April 26. My mother, Thelma Johnson, will celebrate eighty-four years young on May 17. Happiness and health to them both. As we enter this next season in our lives, may we strive to make small changes to improve our health, our relationships, our attitudes, and our spirit for life. Just as we prune our trees and plants in our yards and gardens, may we shed the negative in our lives and accentuate the positive. May each of us find a way each day to become a more radiant light to everyone we meet. Let’s be a Beacon of light… Please feel free to share any news, special stories, or an- nouncements that are happen- ing in your lives. 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