the BEACON Newspaper, Indiana beacon6-18 - Page 15

June 2018 THE BEACON O ST. LEON Page 3B ur Communities By Debbie A. Zimmer Community Correspondent St. Joseph American Legion Post 464, St. Leon, recently held their annual birthday dinner honoring ninety-nine years of the American Legion. Fifty-year membership awards were given to Mike Hoog, Ben Schlar- mann, Loren Schmeltzer, and Earl Wilhelm. The Oak Tree Award is presented to members who have strongly contributed to milestone accomplishments of the American Legion. It was presented to Earl “Shorty” Stenger, Randy Stenger, and Nettie Andres. Previous hon- orees have been Jack Schultz, Albert Schuman, Alvin Werner, Joe Schuman, Leroy “Whitey” Schuman, Ted Stenger, Ed Gutzwiller, Rich- ard Schuman, Jerome “Jake” Stenger, Andrew Hornbach, Walter Schuman, Sylvester “Wes-Sarge” Stenger, Steve Hoog, Linda Hoog, and Dave Schuman. Flag Etiquette award win- ners were Tyler Bolling, Madeleine Ruwe, Cole Grubbs, and Elle Jankovsky. Ms. Jankovsky was also the American Legion Ninth Dis- trict winner. Representing St. Joseph Auxiliary Unit 464 at Indiana Oak Tree Award Winners Earl “Shorty” Stenger, Net- tie Andres, Randy Stenger. Girls State in June will be Delegates Chloe Maune, Alex Bamonte, and Lily Griewe. The Girls State is a program designed to educate young women of Indiana about the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship. The week-long event focuses on living and learning the polit- ical system of a mythical city, county, and state. Representing our post at Boys State will be Chase Lambridines. Con- gratulations to all of the above for their accomplishments! Callie Rose Barrett re- ceived the sacrament of her First Holy Eucharist on April 14 at All Saints Parish/St. Jo- seph Church, St. Leon. Callie wore the same dress her mom did on her big day some thirty- five years ago. She also wore the veil worn by her great aunt, Karen Fox. Family and friends helped her celebrate after mass with a party that included won- derful fried chicken prepared by Rob, Tammy, Emily, and Rachel Vonderheide and Chris Schreiber. Attending Callie Barrett was joined at her first Communion by Cooper Barrett. Behind them are Chad and Melissa Barrett, Father Jonathan Meyer, and Carter Barrett. were Great Grandma, Nettie Andres, Grandparents Bill and Susan Barrett, and Ron and Debbie Zimmer, Great Aunts and Uncles - Beverly and Curt McQueen, Schere and Steve Kramer, Karen Fox, Aunts, Uncles and cousins, Jennie and Todd Geisheimer, Krista, Brad, Ryan and Brianna Inman, Mark Zimmer and Stacie Roth. Unable to attend were Great Grandma “Mama” Kathryn Zimmer and Great Uncle and Aunt Terry and Connie Zimmer. June Birthdays – June 1 Brad Fox and Brandy Bittner, June 2 Valeri Birri, June 3 Alex Andres and Mark Sturwold, June 4 Julie Baker, June 5 Dorothy Wilhelm, Jeff and Jason Maune, June 6 Christy Andres and Kevin Wilhelm, June 7 Mitch Wilgenbusch, Kelly Weigel and cousin Tom Andres, June 11 cousin Nicolas DiMeglio, June 12 Leo Stenger, Linda Volk, cousin Michelle Schott, brother-in-law Rick Fox, June 13 cousins Tina DiMeglio and Vince Andres, and Rob Vonderheide, June 14 my grandson Cooper Barrett and Hank Schmeltzer, June 15 Sandy Lanning, June 16 Sue Wilhelm, June 17 Al Stenger, June 18 Beth Wilhelm and Patty McCleary, June 21 Melinda Andres, June 22 Abby Bertram, June 23 Frances Bischoff and Me- lissa Wolf, June 25 Mitch Schuman, June 27 Josie Stenger, Marcia Stenger, Jake Stenger, June 28 my grandson Ryan Inman, Fran Hornbach and Sarah Schuman, June 29 Mandy Wilson and Irvin Bittner And last but not least my mother WGFRG&W2v6VV'&FR&VrVvGVv@V'2( ǖV~( VR#6'''WBBFvfPR7V6&V6vFRFB&V6FBvR@6&RbFr2vV26RFW2vV&V6F@֖W7FRfW'6'FW''B6&ǖ'V6VPb&6V'BFW''vVVR&"@FגfFW&VFRVP2BvW&ǖBW&&'&6VRb6VBWw2FV2f"FP6VB7FVv$TФ4Ww26Фu$TTDP'v&6'FW 6VG6'&W7FV@w&VVFTv$T4Ww26Ф6'&W7FVBv&6'FW v&R&6WBFधVRFV&&&6VG6WFV7BFFRW&fV7B6RFB&VvGFvbFvfRFW & v6W6GvPVRR#"( 2w&V6V'W&rF&76R7VVGvФw&V6V'W&rf&w&VG23SRVG2wU2S676W0b6'BG&6F&76W27VVGv&W2En( 2bvֶ'G2S2cc"ssSwwrw&V6V'W&vF&76W7VVGvWBधVR3( 266W( 2WFF"6WF2WfVG2`v&62#C7FFRƖR&Bw&V6V'W&rFǐVGV6FbgVWfVG2"S3r3"wwr66W6WFF"6WfVG2धVR3( 2FRg&W'WfVG262B676W2УBV7Bv7G&VWBw&V6V'W&rFǒ676W2'FW2B62f"vW2"S3rC3"wwrg&W'26धVR( 2&6&Vf&RFR7F6e֖FvBFRv@&Vf&RW&fV7B'F6W2VB7F6w&V6V'W&rWfV@6VFW"vWB7G&VWBw&V6V'W&r&VVfBf"6fP76vR2*"S23C0f"FR7W&\*v`VRb( 2W&V( 2'W&rR֖R'VbT'VvƲsw&V6V'W&rwwr7GV'G&G&6r6f*&Rvv66धVRb( 2&fW"6G676726"6V"7'V6RԖbӗ7'V6RԖBFRW&6Vv7B#3'&FvWv7BW&&"#CssSwwrf6V&6'g$7G676442VRb( 2&BBvWBW&&Ɩ26V &rB&Bb7G&VWG2&rG'V62&6W2FW"&pWVVB"ӓ#b"wwrW&&W2धVRrB##( 2W&&&WG6RgӗWfW'FW'6FVRF&Vv7F&W"*v&&&B&fW&g&B&`VF6'7G&VWBW&&"ӓ#b,*wwrW&&W2VRb( 2F6&&7VW"66W'B6W&W2rw&70B'F7B"C3"S#,*wwrFvfF6&&6धVRrB##( 2W62FR&fW"rӗVRVwW7Bvb6'B7G&VWG2w&V6V'W&rg&VRWFF"66W'@6W&W2"S3rCSr"wwrFw&V6V'W&r6धVRr( 2vFw2bW&&vƶrFW"wW&&G&FWBS&B7G&VWB"ӓ#b"wwrW&&W2धVR( 2FRRWBFFR&vR6V"F6W2&Bbr3W&&"ӓ#b wwrW&&W2धVR"b#23( 2F6&&f&W.( 2&WBУW&FvRFRF6&&"C3"ӓ" wwrFvfF6&&6VR( 2vƶW"FR&VfV7Fb֖6Vw&V6V'W&rWfVB6VFW"vWB7G&VWBw&V6V'W&rF6WG2BwwrF6WF7FW"6धVR"b3( 2w&V6V'W&r7VVGvw&V6V'W&p7VVGv3SRVG2wR2S7&BFfVBW&P7F6B&WB&6r2֖Rv&VB6fG&6"S3Cs,*wwrw&V6V'W&w7VVGv6VR"( 26W"FRG&fVW'26V6Ff&W7Bf7F&W6RW6WVb'&2p6&#2fgF7G&VWBW&&GvF6f"6G&VvW<* *bBW"ӓ#br,*wwr憖f&W7B&rधVR"b#23( 2w&V6V'W&rf&W.( 2&WBWwFv&U2&WFRSVG2&vw&V6V'W&r"S3rCSr,*wwrFw&V6V'W&r6VRR( 26WFV7FW&F'BwVBv&FVvW''B6rw&VVFR6&rvƖfVVRw&VVFRF"wFǒ"###S VR"( 2VB7F6BW&fV7B'F6W2@sBW&fV7BRw&V6V'W&rF2WfVBfVGW&W2'VvƲ6W'6RvFf&WGb6Vvr'7F6W2"S3rУ3sSB"wwrW&fV7F'F6VRRb( 2v6W6G&VvGFFvFvw&V6V'W&r6WFFfRvW"&B&6W26&RfWvV@g&FR&fW&g&BFvFvw&V6V'W&rrFPWfVRV"FRVBbvWB7G&VWBg&VRF֗76FfWr&6r"S3rCSr"3#"Ӄ,*wwrv6W6G&rधVR2( 2G&7FFRFVR&WBv7R2Sw&V6V'W&rf&w&VG2f'7B7VF7F&W"S2У3S2C3R"wwrw&V6V'W&vFVW6r6b&VR2r( 26Gb7&W2W6WV7VW"'BF7УBfgF7BW&&"ӓ#b"wwr6Gg7&W2&r"wwrW&&W2VR"( 27G&VWBW&&( 26VG26V6BФv&&&B&fW&g&B&bVF6'7G&VWBW&&ࣃ"ӓ#b"wwrW&&W2धVR"( 26VGBFRF&&"R3w&VB7&W66VB'&WvW'3R'Fr7G&VWBW&&F6WG0CL*wwrFV&&&6VG6VG6"ӃӃ33`"Bw&VB7&W66VB'&WvW'"cSRӓs*wwrv6&VW"6W&&&VBvFPFVRR( 2vbFvfRFW"f"FR7W&\*vbFw&Bvb6V"3sw&BG&fRr'&6F3#"Ӄ"c3r3C3wwrFW&f'FV7W&RfधVR#2( 2FV&&&6VGBԂb6VGf"Фw&V6V'W&rf&w&VG2U2Sw&V6V'W&rFࣃ"ӓ#b,*wwrFV&&&6VGf"6धVR#B( 2֖W"Ֆ&f&RFW'FVB66VFW b6"6r7W&fV7B'F6W2sBW&fV7@Rw&V6V'W&rS23rӓCVR#3( 2W&&&VBvFRb&W6&7FFP&WFRSbW&&GvFWfVBF6VV'&FRFR&'FF`W&6*fBƗfRW66VFW'FVB&VW"vRv&FVࢃ#BfW"g&VR֖ƗF'&B&FW2B֖ƗF'WVV@F77'V6R֖6"6rB7&gBfVF'2"SBУCC*"3#"ӃधVR3( 2&fW"6G676726"6r33V@FvFvW&&6V7FvFFRGFbVǒ&VBvFRb&"#CssRधVR3( 2&W7BbFR&&FW"W6c33fW&W7FR7F&26FRCcbfW&W7FRRW&&FRfW7FgVBWW&V6RW