the BEACON Newspaper, Indiana beacon5-18 - Page 8

Page 8A THE BEACON May 2018 US 50 Repair and Resurfacing Continued from page 1A scheduled to be completed by the end of October. The resurfacing of US 50 from the interchange of I-275 to Aurora is scheduled to begin in 2019. The combined contract for the drainage issue at the bottom of Trester Hill, the slip between Billings- ley Drive and Wilson Creek Road, and the repaving of this area of US 50 have been tied together under one contract. In the event that the US 50 slip at Billingsley Drive is completed earlier than Oc- tober, the contractor may choose to begin paving sec- tions of US 50 this year rather than addressing the entire project in 2019. S-D Book Fees Drop for 2018-2019 The Sunman-Dearborn Community School Cor- poration is pleased to an- nounce that book bills for the 2018-2019 school year for all students in grades K-12 will be $35. This represents a minimum of $65 to over a $200 reduction for each stu- dent, depending on the grade he or she is in. The reduction is m YHXHYH[\\\ܝوB[X[QX\ܛ[][KBH[Y[[ []Xۋ\\[B[[ZY 8']H\KB\܈[Z[Y\\[HY[[وHYX\H[X[QX\ܛ[][]H[BY[\^]YݚYBYH[[X[[YY\[[\^YX\'B[Y][ۋۛ[H^[Y[[H\وHۛ[HYB\][ۈ\܈^YX\\[وY[[ܘY\ LL[[HXB\\HH[ۘ[YXX[ۈ[܈ KHYXXHX[[H[ݜKXY[X[KXHܚY\\H[ [YHY\KY[[[Z[[Z[HY\\[X[[Z[[ BX[ZYH[H[XY\ۈ[[XY]K[^HX[K\[X\^KHX\X[[Z[YXHX\[^\KBۙˈXX\[[XHXK\H[ ]Y[X[ZHXۋ[BX[]XYH[[]X[[XYX[ۈݙ[\ˈBX\Y\Hܙ[X\]XH^ۋXX[YH[\[H[\[0[ZX\PY[ݙY]^H\H[]]8&\][YHوYX\܈HP H[\KBۜ\[۝HHH N[X[H[[Z[”]X\]\[ۘ[[\[ۜ\\[][X\ܝY [[Y\[\Y[[[Z]Y\ق][܈X^H]H]X[YYY ^BYܘ]ۈ^][܈H[\BYY]\[^\ˈXXY[\[Z]Y›ۛHYH[]YX[][\^K[Y[H[YHX[ˈ[[H[Y\Y[][H]X[YZ[[X[H[YH[\܈]^Z[܈[[[\YO“[ܙYZX[H\[\[\XHX[\]HY[Kۙ\X\Y[H[X[B[][]H][B\ۘ[[Y]وHX[ [Z[H[HY[KHXX[[X^[]YY[BYHS\[K[Y[–[ X[܋K[[\YK[ܙYZX[B[HۙY[\]Y[H L LH KM H8(˛[ܙYZܙX[KB][ [[Y\Y[\]Z\\\[YHXY]Y\[H]X[YZ[\[ P[HX[HY[X\&HY\[HBLNYX\ \H[[Y\]HY[[[Z[[H\[X\ Mˈ^HXBXH\]H^\HYZ܈ۙH[H[\\^KوH LX[HY[X\[K[[H]B]X[YYY܈]\[ۘ[ˈ܈YHو[K\\Z\\[YHXZH]\[ۘ[X\XHܙX]X\\Y[ [[ۚYH[]]H\ YܘYHۚY\][X[H۝[Y\]Z]H[[]\[\XH\[Y[œX[K^H][YXY\ۈ\]H[HXY\ۈ[]H\ YܘYH[\ YܘYB\[Y[˰HX[HۈHXY\ۈ[]B\ YܘYH\[Y[0[[]\Yۈ[^B\]H[H\ YܘYH\[Y[ BۚY\HYZ[Xܚ[\][^Z[[[\[][\[Y[ ۝[Y\ۈYZZHYK^Y[]Yۋ[[Y\Y\˰ZYHXۈۋ\ۈ]YۋZ\[ܜ\X\ۈ[K\ۈ[ۋ[X]Y[\˰XX\X\[ܜ\YYH]Yۋ[HY\[YY[\˂H[HY\BX\[\[[\܂\HQH][•TVKTS  x$ KX[H\H\ܝYYX ܝYYX[B][\]\ B[[][ M[\܈YYX\H YYXZY]H\]X[]H][”SVKTS  x$ K M][X[[[]XPH]ۈX[MHX[\[\‘YHۘ\HY[Hۜو ]X MX\‘ܘYHH܈][Y]BTVKUQT  x$ KX[H\H\Y[&\X[TVKБT  x$ KX[H\H\Y[&\X[UTVKPSPT x$ KXۙ[X[Y^HXHZ\]KT\]X[]H]YH[\܈YYX\H YYXZY\X\[Y\X[X\\X][ۂ M]]HZY[[\‘ X\Z[\BH[[Z\[ۂ MX\Z[\HX[Y[Y[\YX]Hو\[[ۂH[[Z\[ۂ M\ ۙYH\X[Y[\YYY\YX]Bو\[[ۈ܈ܝYYX’[\X[Y[H[[Z\[ۂ[X\HH\YX][ۂ[][[[B\][]Y]ܚ][BH]XX[\HZ[\H\[[[[XBLLSQ KLN BQSHRHHPPӸ)PTHTԕTQTTTSSSHSHURTQSHPPӋSSH