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May 2018 B THE BEACON Beacon USINESS NEWS ABOUT OUR ADVERTISERS Continued from page 6A are incredible at what they do, but more than that, they’re like family. I look forward to continuing to work alongside them as we support each other as we always have. This gives me more time for what I re- ally like to do- working with my team selling houses. ” Following her 10-year career with HUFF Realty, Ms. Harves is prepared to continue t o move the company forward in Indiana. “As HUFF continues to grow in Lawrenceburg, we want our community to know and trust that they can expect our same core values and customer-centered approach,” said Ms. Harves. “It’s our neighbors here that have helped us get to where we are today. We know we couldn’t have done it without them, and because of their loyalty, we’re here to stay in Law- renceburg.” Local Artist Illustrates Kids’ Adventure Guide Hannah Lohrum illustrated “The Great Adventure” guide that each Kid$aver will receive at this year’s Kid$ave events held throughout April at Friendship State Bank. Ms. Lohrum grew up in Milan and is a former Friendship State Bank Kid$aver.  Hannah Lohrum created the cover of “The Great Adventure” with colored pencils. Ms. Lohrum recently gradu- ated with an art degree and has enjoyed creating for as long as she can remember. In junior high, she began diving into her projects and entering her pieces into contests. She was encouraged by her success.  One of those contests was a Kid$ave calendar photogra- phy contest.  “I remember entering the photo contest using a teeny, tiny digital camera. When my mom told me I won the grand prize, I asked her what that meant,” Hannah remembered. “She told me I won a camera, and I was so excited. That camera helped me further my practice and photography skills. It was a lot of fun, and I still have that camera.” Ms. Lohrum hopes to be- come a nature photographer for National Geographic. “I love nature photography, especially macro photogra- phy and its focus on detail,” Hannah said. “To travel and explore would be a dream.”  Ms. Lohrum’s attention to detail can also be found in her illustrations. She finds drawing to be a good form of therapy that creates a sense of inner calm and peace. “The Great Adventure” guide cover is full of detail and was cre- ated with colored pencil.  “I really enjoyed creating the cover. I got to put a lot of detail into it,” Hannah shared. “It is really my style with lots of detail and color. It was like putting together a puzzle.”  Some of Ms. Lohrum’s favorite things are scattered throughout the adventure guide, including a softball bat, her dog, dream car, and favorite childhood toys.  Ms. Lohrum shared how Kid$ave taught her how to have fun with savings as well as be a smart saver. She rarely splurges on items for herself, but when she does, she has a lot of fun. She also won’t deny a love for shoes and was recently able to save for a special, custom pair of shoes that she designed herself.  Ms. Lohrum’s advice to current kid$avers is to con- sider a few questions before spending. “Be smart with money. Don’t spend your money as soon as you get it,” she said. “Weigh your options when buying something, whether it is something you have wanted for a long time or something that just popped into your head. Is it a want or a need? “  Kids can get Ms. Lohrum’s illustrated adventure guide (and a full-size magnifying glass with a compass) when Page 7A Cub Scouts Honor Ninth President William Henry Harrison Cub Scout Pack 639, Bright, visited the tomb of President William Henry Harrison in North Bend to assist in changing the U.S. flag atop the 80ft. flagpole. The large flag was folded properly and will be retired at an Honor Ceremony this Spring. Shown are Timmy Rowe, Owen Hartman, Luke Boyles, Cayson Mitchell (behind Luke), Parker Simpson, Andrew Bailey, Tommy Sillis, Abe Hiltz, Wyatt Young, Peter Collins, Jack Boyles, and Nat Bailey. Back row: Adam Collins and Robert Bailey. they visit The Friendship State Bank and make a $10 deposit to their Kid$ave ac- count at Kid$ave events on Saturdays throughout April. Visit friendshipstatebank. com/kidsave2018 for addi- tional details. Casey’s Expands Team with Floral Design Expert Since 2007, Casey’s Out- door Solutions & Florist has been delivering smiles all over the tristate with amaz- ing fresh flower arrange- ments. In 2017 the team was strengthened when floral designer, Whitney Kisner joined the team. Whitney uses her talent to create beautiful floral displays for weddings, funerals, banquets, and other large events. She also enjoys designing smaller bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries, and every day occasions. Whitney understands that every bride is unique as is her wedding flower budget. She is excited to announce four customizable options with her “Wedding Flowers For Every Budget”. Services range from full service de- sign, do-it-yourself, combina- tion designs, and bulk flowers to go. Whitney has established herself as one of the area’s best floral designers. Her eye for design and detail has not gone unnoticed in the floral industry. Several local wed- ding magazines have featured her designs. She makes it a point to stay on top of today’s floral trends to ensure that the arrangements that she creates will leave a lasting impression. OUR ADVERTISERS ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS. SHOP LOCAL AND TELL THEM YOU SAW THEIR ADS IN THE BEACON.