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Page 6A B THE BEACON Beacon USINESS NEWS ABOUT OUR ADVERTISERS Civista Bancshares Acquires United Community Bank Sandusky, Ohio based Civista Bancshares, Inc. (“Civista”) and United Community Bancorp, the parent company of United Community Bank (“UCB”) announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement where Civista will acquire United. Based on financial May 2018 data as of December 31, Civista’s earnings in 2018 and thereafter. Also, any tangible 2017, the combined company book value dilution created would have total assets of in the transaction is expected $2.1 billion, total loans of to be earned back in approxi- $1.5 billion, and total de- mately three and a half years posits of $1.7 billion. UCB Ohio to Dayton, Ohio. The offices open. We believe the after closing. Post-closing, operates an eight-branch acquisition of UCB expands long-term growth potential of News Release: For Immediate Release network in Southeast Indiana, Civista’s community bank- this partnership offers substan- Civista’s capital ratios are ex- pected to continue to exceed five of which are located in ing franchise into and around tial upside for shareholders of For more information contact: “well-capitalized” regulatory Cincinnati’s metropolitan both organizations.” the Cincinnati metropolitan area, which is home to over the Executive terms of the merg- area. This acquisition will Dennis G. Shaffer, Civista Bancshares, Inc. President Under & Chief Officer, (419) 609- standards. 1345 2.1 million people. After this er agreement, which has been allow Civista to bring its . 7 1 0 2 n i in s r a the l l o D Market n o i l l i M 0 strategic partnership, Civista’s unanimously approved by the Changes enhanced commercial lending E.G. McLaughlin, United Community Bancorp, President and Chief Executive Officer, (812) Boards of Directors of both platform to UCB’s demo- 537-4822 community banking platform for Huff Realty ! 8 1 0 2 n i s will operate in each of the five companies, the consideration graphically strong markets. HUFF Realty, one of the largest Ohio marketplaces. UCB shareholders will receive region’s largest real estate UCB will provide Civista CIVISTA BANCSHARES, ACQUIRE “We have great admiration INC. is TO equivalent to UNITED 1.027 shares with low-cost core deposit companies, announced the COMMUNITY BANCORP and respect for the Civista of Civista common stock and funding and liquidity. purchase of its franchised of- team believe Civista is Inc. an (“Civista”) $2.54 and in cash share of Bancorp, the fice in Lawrenceburg from Civista currently operates Sandusky, Ohio and based Civista Bancshares, United per Community ideal partner providing United common stock. of This of United Community many Bank (“UCB”) announced the signing a definitive branches and loan produc- parent company longtime agreement Civista Based a on deal financial data as share of December strategic where benefits to will all acquire of the United. implies value per tion offices from northern merger owner Ken 31, 2017, the combined company would have total assets of $2.1 billion, total loans of $1.5 UCB stakeholders,” stated of $26.22 or approximately Maddin. The billion, and total deposits of $1.7 billion. UCB operates an eight-branch network in Southeast President $114.4 million based the Indiana, E.G. five of McLaughlin, which are located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. This on acquisition will acquisition and CEO of its United. be- lending 15-day average closing price allow Civista to bring enhanced “We commercial platform to UCB’s demographically follows strong markets. UCB will provide with low cost core deposit common funding an )ե)ٔѹɥ)ݥѠ ٥ф) ٥ф) ٥чe)ѽ)͕ٕɅ)ݥɽ٥́ѡ)5ɍ䰀̸ظ)ɕ) ٥фɕѱ䁽Ʌѕ́Ʌ́ɽՍѥ́ɽѡɸ=Ѽѽ))Ѽ)ٕ)ѡɽ) ٥ф)U )ѥє)=Q)եͥѥ)U ) ٥чéչ))Ʌ͔)Ѽɽչ)ɽѠ)Ս́ɽх)͕٥) ѧe)ɕͽ՝)ݡ́)Ѽٕ)ݥ)ѕȁՅ)ѡ́Ʌѕ)ѡЀȸ)ѡ)Ʌͅѥ)չ)ѹ͡)չ))ݥɅє))ѡٔɝ)ȁ ٥чe)ѽ̸)ͼ)ݔљɴ)х൙ɕ)ɕɝѥ)Ѽ=-5)́)ɭ̸)Ёѡ́ѹ͡Ѽ)ѡѕЁѡЁU ͡ɕ)!ՙѥ)Ʌє)ѡɍ)́ɕٔ) ٥ф+q]ٔ)ɕЁɅѥ)ɕЁ)ȁѡ ٥ф)ѕ)ٔ) ٥ф́Օ́Ѽѡɽ՝)ѹȁɽՍѥ)ɽ٥)Ʌѕ)ѡU )х̳t)хѕ))ѡЁ)ݔѼѽ)ѡɝȸ)Q)ɕѕȁ ѤQɴ)51՝) <)Uѕ+q]ٔ)ѹɥѼݥѠ) ٥ф)ݥѡɐ)ɽ٥)ٔAɕͥ)չх)ѡ)ɕѕ)́ѕ)͔)ѡ)ѡѼٕȁѡɽՍ͕́٥́ͽ՝Ё䁽ȁѽ̸%ѥ́ɽݸѼ́ݥѠ) Ѥɭи])ՅѕȁఁՉЁѼ)ݔЁѡ́ѹ͡ѼɅєѡɍɽՍѥ́ѡЁݔٔ́ѼѡȀ)ٔ)ѡ́ɝ)́ɭи)ɕЁ]ٔ)ѡ))ѡȁȁٕ́ȁѡЁȁ啅̸)չх)ѡɕѕ) Ѥ)ɝȁ́х)ɕЁэ)͡ɕ)ͥѥ)́)ѥՕՍ́)ѕѥt)э)ȁ)͡ɕ)ɕեɕ)ɽم́͡ɔ) ɥѡݕ䵅)ͥѥ́́ȁѥՕ̰ɕЁɕեɕ+qQ́́Ʌɑ䁽չ䁙ȁ ٥фݔɔٕ䁕፥ѕѼݕUѕé1ɕɜչ)Ս́ѕѥt)ɕձѽ)ɽم̰)ѽ́啕́Ѽѡ ٥ф䳊tͅ)́MȰ) <)AɕͥЁѡ!ՙI䁽ݹ͡+qQ́́Ʌɑ)ձЁѡȁѽ)յɕͥѥ́ѡ)չ䁙ȁ ٥ф)ͥѥ̸)Ѽɔɕٕͥ)ݔɔٕ䁕፥ѕѼݕ)Uȁѡѕɵ́ѡ)ե́ɕ͕)Uѕéѽ́)ɕаѡɕѽ́)ͽѡɸ%Q)啕́Ѽѡ ٥ф) ٥фѡɕѽ́)ݥٔ݅ɐݥѠ)䳊t́ͅMȰ)ᕍѥٔ́U )ѥ!UЁɔ)