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Page 8B RISING SUN/ OHIO COUNTY By PG Gentrup Community Correspondent I’m beginning to think our weather is playing games with us because it’s Spring Break and snow is on the ground, but the sun is shining. I’m ready to get out and watch some baseball, softball, track, and enjoy the warm sunshine. As I write this, I’m getting ready to head to Indianapolis on March 29 for Vietnam O Veterans Day. Senator Joe Donnelly, along with Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, got a bill passed to recognize that day for all Vietnam Veterans. Fifty- six of us were on that bus to Indianapolis to visit the War Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial. My classmate, Lary D. Fogle (yes, one R in Lary) has part of a letter he wrote home engraved on that memorial. We will have supper and then go to Plainfield High School for the big celebration. I’ll get plenty of pictures for the next paper and Facebook. It’s been a long time since we came home from Vietnam, and now we’ll be getting together with several others from around Indiana for this Welcome           THE BEACON May 2018 ur Communities Home. I have two Gold Star Sisters going with me who had brothers killed in Vietnam and one Gold Star Brother. I also have ten Purple Heart Recipients going. Two of them have two Purple Hearts, and another one had three. I always tell people to greet a veteran and simply say, “Thank You For Your Service.” They will appreciate it very much. I attended a Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home event on March 26 along with Jerry Bondurant, Pat McClanahan, Joe Halloran, Ed Shannon, Marty Sizemore, Ron Spurlock, and Mike Lafollette. Mike is a highly decorated veteran. The mayors from Lawrenceburg, Greendale, Aurora and Rising Sun issued proclamations making March 29 Vietnam Veterans Day in these communities. I’m happy to see that OCEMS has an archery club. I know my granddaughter, Carli, enjoys shooting in the    Water Utility Employment Opportunity Bright, Indiana club at Aurora Elementary. I can’t believe that it’s been thirty-five years since Rising Sun won the Boys’ Basketball Sectional back in 1983 after waiting fifty- three years to claim it again. I still remember watching them in many games. They were “scrappers” who gave their all, and their efforts paid off. It’s worth a trip to the entrance of the RSHS gym and the Wilson Hall of Fame to see all of the big pictures of the great sports teams that played through the years. I’ve enjoyed watching the NCAA Tournament as well as the Indiana High School Tournament. A lot of good basketball and upsets. Three ladies with Southeastern Indiana ties were chosen to be honored on the field for the Reds Opening Day for the Women In The Military Day- Denise Singler, Rising Sun, represented the Air Force; Angela Slayback Erfman, a South Dearborn graduate, represented the Marine Corps; and Julie Sweeney Cassini, a South Dearborn graduate, represented the Navy. Thanks to Ron Spurlock and Jerry Bondurant for helping me with this. 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