the BEACON Newspaper, Indiana beacon5-18 - Page 15

May 2018 O ST. LEON By Debbie A. Zimmer Community Correspondent A birthday celebration was recently held at a water park honoring Brianna Inman who turned six. The weekend was spent enjoying the water rides. A great time was had by all in attendance. Wilbert Ruff recently passed. He had just celebrated his 100th birthday on Jan. 1. He was a lifetime farmer and able to live life as he wished almost to the end – he still lived alone on the family farm on Dog Ridge Road in St. Leon until a few weeks before his death. He is now in heaven with his family. I will miss my friend. Ted Stenger also recently passed. Ted is survived by his wife Rita, sons Eric (Kathy) Stenger, Randy (Tracy) Stenger, and Russ (Heather) Stenger; and daughter Cindy Morse. He had thirteen grandchildren and four great- grandchildren. Ted was instru- mental in the organization of the St. Leon Volunteer Fire Dept. in 1967 and served as our first fire chief. He always helped out with festivals every year until his health started to fail. I will miss working with him at the fire house as well as at our American Legion functions. Ted and I didn’t always see eye to eye and butted heads more than once, but I considered him a great friend. RIP Teddy! If you enjoy playing golf and eating fried chicken, we have the event for you. The 9th annual Greg Andres/North Dearborn Conservation Club Golf Outing will be held in Milan on May 26. Get your foursome together and email me if you are interested in entering a team. Spots fill up fast so let me know ASAP. We will also have chicken dinners available for purchase for non-golfers. Proceeds will go to the Greg Andres/NDCC scholarship fund for East Cen- tral and Franklin County High School seniors. St. Joseph American Legion Post 464, St. Leon will be hosting the Hoxworth Blood Center Blood Drive at their post home on June 6 from 1:30 – 7:30 pm. To schedule an appointment. time call Hoxworth at 800-830-1091. The pint of blood that you do- nate helps to save many lives. Drew Maune’s volleyball team, the Cincinnati At- tack u14, is currently ranked seventh in the nation. Their record for the year is 33 wins - 4 losses. They will compete at Nationals in July. Drew has also made the Ohio Valley Re- gion High-Performance team and will compete in Tulsa in late July. Congratulations Drew. THE BEACON Page 3B ur Communities Congratulations go out to Ashley McConnell on recently being awarded the National Restaurant Associa- tion’s Prostart Educator of the Year Award. May birthdays – May 1 – Marisa “Mutz” Callahan, Olivia Stenger and Kassie Stenger, May 2 Jim Fox, May 3 Lorraine Werner, David Volk and Bryan Huber, May 4 Abby Herth, May 8 Corey Steinmetz, May 10 Judy Kraus and Betty Dall, May 12 Gail Walter and cousin Joey Andres, May 15 Rich- ard Schuman, Rand Stenger, Doug Farrow and Kevin Re- delman, May 16 Craig Fox, May 17 Mally Prifogle, Lance Weldishofer, cousins Dennis Andres and Jessica Andres, May 19 Danny Trabel and Re VR&W"#6W6&&"G&W2WBFw6B6BwWGvW"( 2W ( 6( vVFW&#6ǒ&W'G&#"6&0w&bB6W6&6V'vV#2&F7FVvW"#B֖6VRFVFFV2#RFVVFVfW B&ǖf'&r#bRvW&W"#pV7FBVWGB&VЧ7FV3ג6W66Ɩf&FR4vFƖ6fW'ЧfW'6'FגFVvFW"&7FB'&BBF6W627FWfR@6&7GG&W2#vWBFV6vFRvFWw2FV2f"FR6VB7FVv&V6Ww26u$TTDP'v&6'FW 6VG6'&W7FV@w&VVFTv$T4Ww26ХvRfRFRB7BV7FW B&Rrff6ǒ7&rv66VRvV@FVFRvVFW&7&r0W&R&7&726r7Vp'Vf2&W6W6VB( P"bG2( Ɨ7FVrFFR6rFRRF&W@V7FW"&6BvF6V@FR6bRbFP6W7F62BFRBdЧvW"BBW7B6P&6g&f&Ff6Frאv&g&VBVRw&W2'W&6W"fFW"@w&W2B&VV767F@BvW"BFR@&6FRV&ǒS( 2ऒvBFvV6RǐB6֒v&RFRWvW7@FvvRFFF2Fw&VVFRआǒ2&W"BW"vЦW'2&R֖6B&'&&6֞( 2vЦW'2&R7FWfPB6P6F'&B6R2R6rЦ&W"֗VpV2p6FЦ2R6V@V6W2vWBw&VVFRFFRf֖ǐbFfB`'67VFFW"FR76pbFfBg&vvRf&W w&VVFR&W6FV6Rg&vvR2R2vv&VBBЦ6"v72f&ǒFF6W v72f"f'GVvBV'0Bv27FfRFRЦ6W7FW"f&RB&W67VRFWBvVv6W2vWBFFW&W6F6W'6VƶW"VfW"W'BB@FFVWW"RR&RfVVƖrV6&WGFW"श&&V6'FW"6VV'&FV@26WfVF&'FF&V7FW"7VFRFPV7FW"'Vv2vBFRBRBv@&'FF&&VFV&&&6VG6WFV7BFFRW&fV7B6RFf&W7Bf7F&W6RW6WVФV0G&7FFRFVP&W@&FV23( 26&VvRVf"FW'2Ф6&VvRCcr7G&VWB&W2FV7VF2W"'FVBC2W W'6BV'2BFW"g&VRVFW"vRBf"УsCBCR,*wwrFV6&VvV&r&2FV23( 2f&W7Bf7F&W6RW6WVФVf"c&BFW&r6V6#2fgF7G&VWBW&&VGVW6FF&Vv7VFWf󠣃"ӓ#br,*wwr憖f&W7B&r2( 2&fW"6G676726"6V"7'V6RԖbӗ7'V6RԖVBBFRW&6Vv7B#3'&FvWv7G&VWBW&&f"#CssR wwrf6V&6'g$7G676442B( 2w&V6V'W&rF&76R7VVGvw&V6V'W&rf&w&VG23SRVG2wU2S676W2b6'BG&6F&76W27VVGv&W2En( 2bvֶ'G2vFW2VBWӲ&7F6R@SCRwӲ&6W2Bs3fS2cc"ssSwwrw&V6V'W&vF&76W7VVGvW@R"#( 2w&V6V'W&r7VVGvУ3SRVG2wR2S7&BFfVBW&P7F6B&WB&6r2֖Rv&VB6fG&6vFW2VBWӲB2Bg@&6rBwf&F"S3Cs,*wwrw&V6V'W&w7VVGv6GVG2CRC#SvRr CsbBVFW"g&VR#V&F2&W6W'fV@6VFrWfVBR( 2Wr66R66W'fF6V"3FVf6rFW&'vW&Vv7G&F&Vv2BfआVBBRFRW2C"FV&&&&B7Vf֖ǒg&VFǒVf6rWfVBvF&W2v&FVBGVB6FVv'B6G&VVFW" 6FVv'f"c#2#C3 wwrWv66V66W'fF6V"6R( 2f&W7N( 2גBS7F&W2@FVf&W7Bf7F&W6RW6WV#2fgF7G&VWBW&&6G&VvRRBW&RfFVBF'&pFV"ff&FRw&vWf"gVFVB6VFW27F'FR7&gBFRBFW"bf&W7B&W6W'fF2Bf󠣃"ӓ#br,*wwr憖f&W7B&rR( 27G&VWBW&&( 2F66F6R'##6V6B7G&VWBW&&&TgFw&FRf"ӓ#b7G&VWBW&&,*wwrW&&W2F6&&V6Цp"( 2F6&&&WF6&&F7&r6rWG&fv6VFr@6RvgG2f"FW.( 2FW&WFVR6G&V( 07FfFW2B&Rf"C3"ӓ""wwrf6V&6WfVG2SSSs#CR( 26V"F6W2( 26V"&Уr37G&VWBW&&&W6VG26V"F6W26V6Bb7G&VWG2W&&f"ӓ#b f6L*wwrW&&W2"( 2T&W2Bw&V6V'W&rWfV@6VFW"w&V6V'W&rWfVB6VFW"vW@7G&VWBw&V6V'W&r&W6VFVB'ǗvB66w&V6V'W&rf*wwrFVw&V6V'W&vWfVF6VFW"6VFW'FVBF6WG3*wwrF6WF7FW"6R( 2WFW"6WFW&Bw&V6V'W&rWfV@6VFW"w&V6V'W&rWfVB6VFW"vW@7G&VWBw&V6V'W&r&W6VFVB'ǗvB66w&V6V'W&rf*wwrFVw&V6V'W&vWfVF6VFW"6VFW'FVBF6WG2L*wwrF6WF7FW"6b( 2F6&&V6֖rfW7FfФVfW7FfVBFR7G&VWG2bF6&&F&FW2fB&F2T'VvƲ6G&V( 2vW2g&pVr6FW7BƗfRW62B&VW"v&FVvFǒf󠣃"Ssr#SSb,*f6L*F6&&( 2f6V&vRb( 2G&7FFRFVR&WBv7R2&WF\*Sw&V6V'W&rf&w&VG2V*f'7B7VFbV6FF&Vv7F&W"( ĖF( 2&vW7@FVW2BfFvRǒ6V7F&W2&WB( fS2s3s#Sb,*wwrVVV6G6w26fVF f&FS23S2C3R( 2vWBvRBBFRBFvFvW&&WӇFvFvW&&FVv72bvRvR6|*FvFvW&&f󠣃"ӓ#b"wwrW&&W2b( 27'V6( F7W&Rf"2C3FvFv7G&VWG2l*w&V6V'W&rF*6V6@V6"6r VB'vw&V6R6V"Bw&V6V'W&rv66"`2w&FfFW"6&2w&V6RfS2S3"s#c,*v3S&tv6*6wwrf6V&67'V6F7W&Vf$2b( 2f&W7N( 26VG&V6FFУWf&W7Bf7F&W6RW6WV*#2fgF7G&VWBW&&f&W7BF2FR6VGf"FV 7W'BvF&VGV6VBF֗76&6RbCf"У#br"wwr憖f&W7B&r"( 2&Vf"ƖfRbFV&&&b6VFW0&֖FvBVBBFR6WFFV&&&v66G&6SssvFW"6Rfb7FFR&WFR3SW&&V6vGW&RWfVBbFRW&666W 66WGf"3sb3C,*wwr&Vf&ƖfR&r( 2W&&Ɩ26V"7VW"WFF"fPfR&Vv2BGW6FRƖ26V"&r@B##*6V6B7G&VWBW&&f"ӓ#b"wwrW&&Ɩ2&r#( 2&VVB6&VvRW6RFP&'&w2&VVF6&Vv\*Ccr7G&VWB&W2FC2F֗76f"ӓ#bӃ"FV&&&6VG6fVFf6F"BFW&6'W&VP3#vWB7B( "w&V6V'W&rFCs#PӃ3#"Ӄ"wwrf6E6WFV7DF6ФU"EdU%D4U%2$RU"Tt$%244BDTDTR4rDT"E2DR$T4